Full List-C

CabinCreekApothecary.etsy.com-My shop is an treasury of herbal medicinals with a few items that come from my sewing addiction. I'm a long time etsy user and avid trader.
cafesugirons.etsy.com - coasters, wine bags, sachets and more!
cakeordeath5.etsy.com - candles & tarts
calladoo.etsy.com - I'm a paper crafting store! 
callidora.etsy.com - handcrafted clothing and accessories for women
calliesclothing.etsy.com - used clothing and shoes purse house hold decor items
calligraphytzl.etsy.com - I do chinese calligraphy art and name customize, also chinese handmade calligraphy birthday card , bookmark and journals and more coming : )
CambriaLaine.etsy.com - Hand Stamped Garden Markers, Boutique mother daughter bracelet sets, and more to come!
Camelotjewels.etsy.com - Eco Friendly Jewelry
CamelsAndCustard.etsy.com - My shop sells funky and original handmade bookmarks of all kinds for the bookworms that you know. 
Cameoland.etsy.com- My shop houses custom drawn/painted matted caricatures and cards. Other artwork/photography will be posted soon as well.
camillesknitfashions.etsy.com- My shop has knit hats for newborns-adults, hair clips, and magnets.
CamphorChins.etsy.com- Catering to All Your Small Pet Needs
Candidate.etsy.com- Pop Art Prints / Illustrations / Drawings
CandieInk.etsy.com - I am selling wall art prints for children and people with humor as well as print at home (electronic) thank you cards, invitations, and announcements.
CandSNoland.etsy.com - We make quality sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. Wirewrapping, metalwork, faceting, we have lots of styles.
CandSstore.etsy.com- A selection of pillowcase dresses, skirts, hairbows and other childrens items.
CandyAppleBoutique.etsy.com- I sell mostly crocheted hats/items, but also hair clips.
candyapplejewellery.etsy.com- handmade jewelery
CanvasAtelier.etsy.com - I am an artist. I sell mixed media/collages, original paintings, and ink/charcoal drawings
Cappysue.etsy.com- all kinds of art and crafts with a focus on paintings.
cappysueclay.etsy.com - fun clay charms, monsters, jewelry and more.
Cappysuespice.etsy.com - focused on sewing odd creations.
caravincent.etsy.com - jewelry made from vintage beads, unique items for the home and other wonderful things that will tickle your fancy.
CarbonKitty.etsy.com - fierce accessories for fierce ladies! :)
cardboardmonet.etsy.com - Cardboard Monet Design Studio is a graphic and web design shop, specializing from banners to fully functional websites. We're trade friendly!
carielewyn.etsy.com - My shop offers Etsy banners, DIY printables of all kinds, and sticker labels.
CariocaWitch.etsy.com - Witchcrafts made in Brazil: godesses, gods, runes, familiars, dragons, skulls, everything made out of felt.
CarissasSilverLining.etsy.com - My husband and I create and sell beautiful jewelry and photography! And every now and then a few other handmade items.
CarlasInspirations.etsy.com - dresses for women and girls, tunics, skirts, aprons, yoyos, patterns, supplies
carolannjewerly.etsy.com - jewelry
Caroline3746.etsy.com - Im a photographer
carolsbathbubbles.etsy.com - soap, lotion, scrubs
CarolsJewelry.etsy.com - handmade jewelry
CarolSchiffStudio.etsy.com - art originals and prints
caroltoepke.etsy.com - Carol's Collections" I create collectable, interchangeable, reasonably priced, seasonal art. Photo Cards that can also be used as "Matted Photos" in your own favorite 5 x 7 frames. 
carousel2.etsy.com - jewelry
carpediembrown4.etsy.com - zipper bags, bath and body, headbands and more!
casacampbell.etsy.com - Shop includes soaps, scarves, Christmas items, toys, and whatever else I decide to make.
CaseyMason.etsy.com - We do custom, personalized UNIQUE embroidered items including horse halters, dog hoodies, baby items and MORE!!!
cat2owl.etsy.com - 
CatchingWaves.etsy.com - My shop, CatchingWaves, features handmade jewelry, felt creations, and the occasional vintage item or two. Many of the items I create are inspired by my love of the ocean (driftwood frames, felted seascapes, and many necklaces in sea colors). 
CatherinesJewelry.etsy.com - I love playing in my gems; creating beautiful jewelry is my passion - and my pleasure. Drop me a line and let me know what you like, I'll make more!
CatherinesSupply.etsy.com - Jewelry making supplies I've purchased through the years with full intentions of using them... but, I haven't. Yet. So, it's time to "de-stash"
CatherinesVintageJoy.etsy.com - I just started the Vintage shop and am looking forward to swapping 'stuff.' 
CathyDeLeRee.etsy.com - Colorful original art using vintage and found items....my desire is to give new life, with an old soul feel.
catatmyfeet.etsy.com - jewelry
CatiesCottageCrafts.etsy.com - crochet items and paper products
CatiesCritters.etsy.com - all kinds of Pet accessories... Coats, treats, collars, etc...
CatInTheBoxCreations.etsy.com - Cat In The Box Creations features beautiful, durable cat toys and unique scratching posts with an emphasis on healthy, practical alternatives to de-clawing cats.
CATPC.etsy.com - selling cute amigurumi toys at an affordable prices.
cautiva - Detash and supplies
CBbitsnpieces.etsy.com - cute stuff like totoro and sanrio as well as USMC things :]
cblandcompany.etsy.com - Handmade Artisan Jewelry For Every Woman's Taste
cccook.etsy.com -  I sell upcycled, recycled goodies, along with other fun things! Accessories are my specialty.
ccj2.etsy.com - high quality sterling silver jewelry
Ceciliascraftymom.etsy.com - My shop right now is an odds and ends collection of my talents. I prefer to focus on my birthstone flower jewlery and wedding items, because they are what I get the most joy from.
cecipunch.etsy.com - a wide assortment of mixed jewelry designs for every style need.
CenterStreetVintage - I have vintage jewelry, clothes and beading supplies that include some glass, semi precious and stone beads.
CelestialAchelois.etsy.com - Metaphysical supplies, bath products, jewelry and supplies
CenterStreetVintage.etsy.com - 
CerenaLeigh.etsy.com - Spending huge amounts of money on one piece of jewelery is out of the question, especially for a college student like me. I started making my own jewelery. After getting stopped and asked where they were from, I made my etsy shop! I try to make as many owl and octopi items as possible, but I do also love creating unique and vintage-esque pieces. I also love custom orders!
cervants.etsy.com - My shop has ceramics, prints of my artwork, and some of the originals, and cards of my originals all made by me, and I love a good trade!!
cgoriginals.etsy.com - shop has cards, gift tags, and small gifts I am interested in children's items, bath and body, good gift items. I am willing to look at anybody's shop.
chainmaillejumprings.etsy.com - I am making mixed metals rustic rings and bangles
chainone.etsy.com - I LOVE to crochet. I've been crocheting for well over 40 years since my mother, who recently passed away, first put a hook in my hand. I crochet everything. There isnt anything I can't make. Take a look at the things in my store and you'll see what I mean. Because I bore easily, I enjoy variety and that's what you'll find in my shop !
champagnechocolate.etsy.com - Chocolate confections,made with Callebaut Chocolate. Life is too short to eat mediocre chocolate!
ChandlerCharms.etsy.com - jewelry
ChapletsNSuch.etsy.com - A collection of unique jewelry and religious goods -- made with good quality materials and designed for everyday use!
CharleenScottImaging.etsy.com - My shop is made up of all my own original artwork, paintings and photographs. I do a lot of eyes. :)
CharleneFreemanArt.etsy.com - I am a painter and photographer. I am drawn to scenes and objects that because they are ordinary and familiar, take on a sense of beauty and importance. I am attracted to and comforted by the richness of every day objects and moments. I have been painting and photographing as far back as I can remember. My paintings influence my photography and my photographs influence my paintings. I grew up in Italy and that too shows up often in both my painting and in my photography.
CharlenePrecious.etsy.com - Inspired Photography sells vintage style original prints photographed by Charlene Precious.
charliealankraft.etsy.com - acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, paintings that look like monsters from kids books, illustrations of monsters, graffiti influenced art, recycled wood hangers, handmade books, art toys, wood toys, toys on wheels, comic style characters, art dolls, art puzzles, wood puzzles, puzzles of monsters and birds and everything else that makes you want to jump right into a children's book.
CharliesHalo.etsy.com - a wonderful world of colorful bows and accessories.
charlottesatticshop.etsy.com - have loved doing crafts for years. Started about 25 years ago when my kids were little. I love all kinds. Quilting, painting, paper, stamping, making ornaments and primitive items. I love Christmas the best. I don't have just one kind of item I sell alittle bit of everything to cover a bigger market.
Charmandlure.etsy.com -  I make vintage inspired jewelry and bath and body products, such as bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and bath salts, plus more to come!
charmbox - My shop has tons of charms and jewelry findings.
CharmingFromAZToo.etsy.com - i make handmade photo gems of all kind and would love to be part of the team :)
charmingmittens.etsy.com - high-end photographic prints with some journals, stationary, and other random projects sprinkled in.
CharmLlama.etsy.com - my shop just has random junk that i've made, mostly jewelry.
beads, wire, clay, and the like are what i use most.
CharmsForACause.etsy.com - My shop has cute charms that can be made into necklaces, bracelets, or keychains by request.
Charmsicles.etsy.com - Charmsicles specializes in little girls charm bracelets.
CharteChic.etsy.com - Fabulous Wearable Fibers ~ Recycled & Repurposed Tshirts ~ Awesome Lathering Fusion Soaps & Sugar Scrubs ~ a Huge Passion for Handcrafted items!!
chartreuselily.etsy.com - a collection of sewn things (key fobs, travel tissue packs, zippered pouches) and cold process soaps. I've dabbled in lots of creative endeavors all of my life and like to keep things interesting, so there is no telling what I could have on offer!
chatnoir7.etsy.com - Handmade vintage inspired, antique and eclectic jewelry
cheapboutique.etsy.com - wire-edged ribbon, bulk scrapping/card making supplies, and stone beads to trade for vermeil, gold fill, or sterling silver findings, bali beads and large focal stone beads
chebran.etsy.com - Handmade shoes and bags.
CheerstotheWeirdness.etsy.com - my shop consists of mostly up cycled and repurposed items- i love to make things out of treasures that have been overlooked by most. All proceeds from my shop are currently going toward helping fund mi madrea's battle with breast cancer--trades are like a sweet karma treat ;)
ChefKnifeRevolution.etsy.com - I make hot sauce from fresh peppers, sell vintage cookbooks and other cool vintage cooking stuff.
ChellaBellaPapers.etsy.com  - papers and scrabble tile pendants
ChellysShoppe.etsy.com - Mainly, I sell vintage, but I also sew, crochet, paint, and all manner of other crafts and will soon be adding those to my shop.
Chelmarca.etsy.com - So far my shop includes mostly customized shoes. I am working to add more items to my store everyday.
CherryBlosomBoutique.etsy.com - I sell accessories in my shop.... Sashes, headbands, hair pins and soon I hope I well be adding several new items...
ChelseaVictoria.etsy.com - I'm a fine art photography shop that specializes in whimsical photographs!
CheriseDesign.etsy.com - I sell women's retro clothing both made with authentic vintage patterns and my own vintage inspired designs.
CherishedJewels.etsy.com - I sell knit and hair accessories
cherublover.etsy.com - Vintage. my clothing and accessories are items i have collected through older family members,antique shops and some of my own items ive collected.
CherWisdomFreer.etsy.com - jewelry
ChestnutChaology.etsy.com - Pillows, Hair Clips, Crochet Scarves and Hats
ChezVous.etsy.com - vintage jewelry
chicagofabrics.etsy.com - We sell fabrics at great prices.
ChickieVintageLove.etsy.com - All Vintage and items to Upcycle too
ChickyBags.etsy.com - What I sell: quality handbags; lots of fabric destash; Looking for: food; spices; soaps; vintage kitchen items; things with Irish or Celtic theme; antique fabrics, laces trims, clothing; retro style jewelry... but over half of what I traded for, I didn't know I wanted! I respond to all convos!
CHICBean.etsy.com - 
ChicNails.etsy.com - I am a french nail art designer. I create the craziest design to cover those ladies nails. I am having so much fun making the nails that my purpose isn't really in selling them but more in having them wore by people.
chicshabby.etsy.com - jewery vintage items
ChippewaCharm.etsy.com - Hair Extensions and accessories
chitowncheryl.etsy.com - Original watercolors,acrylics,photography (and prints)!
ChloeCarolinaVintage.etsy.com - I offer women's clothing and accessories.
ChloesCollars.etsy.com - Chloe's Collars offers Custom Handmade Dog Collars and Leashes with metal buckles! These dog collars give a high style look compared to your everyday plastic buckles. I use high quality ribbon or fabric, nylon webbing, and nickel plated metal hardware for all of my collars. Each product is handmade with love and care for you and your furry friend.
ChocolateAndCoffee.etsy.com - Handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets and key chains
chocolatedogstudio.etsy.com - I create paper flowers and embellishments, paper items, sew cup cozies and housewares.
choicecuts.etsy.com - Choice Cuts is a shop that specializes hand printed and designed housewares. We feature posters, pillows, tea towels as well as other home items.
Cristanka.etsy.com - 
christine32000.etsy.com - I sell hand crocheted necklaces, pins and scarves.
christinegrantdesign.etsy.com - My jewelry reflects and is inspired by my deep love of nature. Currently it is all gemstone based, garnet, amethyst, quartz, citrine, peridot, etc. No base metals, all silver and gold.
christiencollection.etsy.com - I make gothic, fun clothing renaissance gowns, and tutus
ChristmasShoponEtsy.etsy.com - Jewelry..Swarovski crystal,pearls & gemstone jewelry at friendly prices 
Chromarium.etsy.com.etsy.com - One of a kind, hand painted watercolor pendants- wearable art for you!"
ChromaticCosmetics.etsy.com - Cosmetics! Eyeshadow, glitter, gloss, lipstick, foundation, blush, liner, nail polish, mascara, etc. etc.
Chrysanthema.etsy.com -  I sell handmade jewelry that's inspired by vintage and nature. Each piece is unique and made with love :-)
 chubbycatcreations.etsy.com - Photography and Mixed Media
ciaohound pet pillows, upcycled notebooks and more
CiaraBaby.etsy.com - 
cidtalk.etsy.com – has drawings
cigarboxbeads.etsy.com – beadwoven jewelry, beads and beaded items
Cillaspunkyandcute.etsy.com – My shop is mostly recycle items that would have otherwise been discarded. its fun and sassy!
CindyBijoux.etsy.com - I hand made fashion jewellery & my etsy store is CindyBijoux.
cindyssoapsnsuch.etsy.com – I sell soaps and bath salts at the moment and make them in many different colors and fragrances! My soaps come in many unique shapes for a wide variety of people!
Cintia.etsy.com – A wearable fiber art shop with most items being made from my hand spun yarns with love and attention to comfortableness as all earth lovers we like out comfort! but not at the expenses of the planet :)
CJBrownCreations.etsy.com – seaglass, photographs, dia de los muertos
cjgrand.etsy.com – Handcrafted Jewelry including Steampunk and Metaphysical Healing Stones
cksilver.etsy.com  - handcrafted sterling silver jewelry that is beautiful, timeless, and elegant. Each piece of jewelry is unique, and many are one of a kind. Most pieces incorporate sterling silver, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, and swarovski crystal.
claire.etsy.com  - photographs
clairebabydesigns.etsy.com  - Eco-friendly, fun & unique handmade bags and purses
claireburkeart.etsy.com  - Paintings and Fine Art Prints
claraclips.etsy.com  - My shop is dedicated to felt and fabric items for children (mostly girls, since that's all I know). I hand-cut and hand-stitch everything myself, and I love coming up with new items and designs. In my shop you'll find hair accessories, finger puppets, purses and more. Occasionally I'll list something a little different, such as wall art.
ClareDances.etsy.com  - I sell handmade and natural herbal health, bath, and beauty products with a few other special things thrown in!
classicalapperals.etsy.com  - clothes
ClassicKeepsakes.etsy.com  - I am a jewelry designer =)
ClassicRetro.etsy.com - I have a vintage shop
ClassySimpleYou.etsy.com  - a shop that features ocean and beach inspired jewelry.
Claudiascraftshop.etsy.com  - totes (they sell rather quickly, so i dont always have them in my shop), aprons, baby bibs, hand stitched pictures etc.
clausawaia.etsy.com  - Crochet wire jewelery with Brazilian and other semi-precious stones
ClayBouquetShop.etsy.com  - I create bridal accessories, such as jeweled headbands and sashes, as well as clay floral bouquets, hair pins and combs.
claypursegirl.etsy.com - 
cleanasawhistle.etsy.com  - laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, dryer balls and other cleaning products
CleanB.etsy.com  - All~Natural Detergents available in 50+ amazing scents
CleanJellyBean.etsy.com  - We carry handmade soaps and lotions.
clearessential.etsy.com - Clear Essential is all about being good to nature but also having a scientific background and using pure botanical ingredients to make great skin care products...always paraben,sulfate and phthalate free,of course.
CleariqueBoutique.etsy.com  - handmade jewelry; lanyards, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. All of my items are handmade, and most of them are one-of-a-kind!! Since I had my son I have been getting into creating more baby items; headbands, hats, toys and other random things i might come up with!!
cleirigh.etsy.com - I sell polymer clay nativity sets, ornaments, jewelry and hair accessories!
CleverConfections - My shop features sweet treats and some non-edible gift items such as baby blankets and ceramic coasters.
cleverplumage.etsy.com -  an eco friendly accessories shop that sells feathered jewelry and hair pieces hand made with hand gathered and recycled feathers. I love custom orders as well!
cleverthoughts.etsy.com - A little bit of Clever from supplies to gifts specializing in presentation items making a $1 gift look like a million bucks
Clexbaby - Jewelry and Accessories
Clothes4Remodeling.etsy.com - Babies, Kids & Teen embellished clothing
Cloud9Jewels.etsy.com - pendants, jewely, feather accessories
CloudberryFactory.etsy.com - We knit and sell knitted accessories and clothing for any time of the year :)
cmcardsntags.etsy.com - cards , paper products ,ribbon
cmolloy.etsy.com - I sell upcycled vintage clothing. Most of the pieces are altered, and some are left as they were found. I have all sizes--from xs to xxl.
Cntcbs5.etsy.com - I do chocolate, fudge and other candies and baked goods. I'm also starting to get into glass ware.
coastercreator.etsy.com - Custom Stamped Travertine Tile Coasters and Trivets
cocobellecreations.etsy.com - I make hand stamped, personalized sterling silver jewelry. I would like to trade for lovies, candles, jewelry displays, pottery, artwork, kids gifts, etc
CoconutBeach.etsy.com - Handcrafted Coastal Jewelry & Accessories
coconuthut.etsy.com - Hemp Jewelry
Cocopium.etsy.com - Unconventional jewelry, home items and gifts inspired by science and the widing road of life.
coDone.etsy.com - My shop specializes in rosaries and religious jewelry, and concentrates on customization and option.
coffeenkisses.etsy.com - sells hair accessories & chalkboard items for now. I am expanding and will be adding other products as well.
cojospace.etsy.com- feather earrings, feather accessories, bohemian headbands, paintings
collectingman.etsy.com - I sell only rare,vintage and antique pieces from around the world. I have a great collection which I'm going to share on etsy!
ColoArtisanJewelry.etsy.com - handmade jewelry made primarily from natural stones and sterling silver. Many of the pieces are wire-wrapped.
ColourMeFun.etsy.com - Colour Me Fun specializes in re-purposing high quality Crayola wax into fun and funky crayons. They are great for anyone from 2 to 92 as the love of colouring transcends all generations. 
ColorMeFickle.etsy.com - Organizational needs for your "fickle" side.
CombustionGlassworks.etsy.com - Combustion Glassworks is a Los Angeles based company for the artist, Tara Chabot. She specializes in kiln-formed Art and Dichroic Glass Fusing. She creates Jewelry, Serving Dishes, Plates, handmade supplies for artisans, and also recycles various used glass to recreate fresh and lively home decor items. 
ComeShopPinkLemonadev - Handmade Flower Rosette Tank Tops, Trendy Embellished Tees, Chunky Jewelry, Accessories, Gifts, and More!
ComfyStitches.etsy.com - Handmade crochet items.
concetta531.etsy.com - 
ConchitaCreates.etsy.com - jewelry and art prints
confectionerygarden.etsy.com - 
connieryan123.etsy.com -  Hi I make sterling silver and natural stone jewelry I have several pieces of rings earrings pendants with chain or cord. I have a friend who cuts cabochons and we trade alot she want silver settings and I want stones so our trade works well. 
constantgalore.etsy.com - scarflettes, home goods, chocolates
ContemporaryRosaries.etsy.com -  I make handmade catholic rosaries. These rosaries are heirloom quality and make a wonderful gift. My rosaries are made with semi-precious gemstones and lots of love!
CookalasHouseOfCards.etsy.com - artisan, chic boutique, Pandora, Steampunk handmade jewelry
CookiesForSale.etsy.com - CookiesForSale offers play cookies, play cakes, jewelry, digital files and more
cookietape.etsy.com - My etsy shop is all about duct tape I'll pretty much make anything I can such as wallets, rings, purses bags, laptop cases. I can make it all :)
coolclimates.etsy.com - specializes in handspun yarn and artyarn
coollight.etsy.com - handmade jewelry, fiber supplies, fabrics, home decor, etc.
CorneliussPick.etsy.com - I am a silversmith and lapidary of sorts as I hand carve shell and gemstone cameos. I also make findings and sell excess sterling silver findings & non-precious gems I have on hand at times.
corpseflower333.etsy.com - I sell Vintage/thrifted items, handmade jewerly, and hopefully soon dolls and stuffed animals
corrabelle.etsy.com - hand carved, custom rubber stamps!
correenscdesigns.etsy.com - specializes in custom designed and created costumes and special occasion wear.
corrnucopia.etsy.com - Vintage shop open to all sorts of trades. Especially would love clothes & hair accessories for my little girl, & soap for myself!
cortsthings.etsy.com - hair bows, baby items, embroidery, children clothes
CosentinoFineArt.etsy.com - Custom jewelry, one of a kind pieces consisting of necklaces, earrings, headpieces, rings, pendants and bracelets. They can be worn daily or Red Carpet events! All pieces are limited to one piece or very few not mass produced. Celebrities have purchased and worn my pieces and each one is handmade with love.
CosmicCauldron.etsy.com - I make jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc.) using stone beads. I also do some quilling from time to time
CosmicCreatures.etsy.com - I have kawaii style jewellery and a few supplies that are kawaii.
cosmoroutevintage.etsy.com - cosmoroute vintage was born out of an overstuffed closet full of mainly 60s and 70s fashion. it aims to be a radical space where trade and negotiation are welcome engagements!
CottageCandies.etsy.com - We make handmade candies, specializing in gourmet chocolate, wedding, shower and corporate favors.
CottageCarries.etsy.com - Handmade Handbags
countrycandlesnsoaps.etsy.com - Handmade soaps
CountryChicCottage.etsy.com - Vintage and Handmade Country Farmhouse Decor
countrycraftsncandie.etsy.com - I make hand sculptured bakery candles, container candles, bath and body, soaps, faux bakery items, stichery items and more.
countrygirlspices.etsy.com - the very best in fresh spices, herbs and spice blends in see-through containers with refills available and special chutneys, salsas, bruschetta and jams & jellies in season.
CountryintheHeart.etsy.com - My shop contains handmade country accessories!
countrywindows.etsy.com  - I do photography, and I build barnwood frames
CourtneyArt.etsy.com  - Cute Banners, Avatars, and More!
courtneyoquist.etsy.com  - art
COUTURELIGHTPLATES.etsy.com  - I make one of a kind light switch plate covers in all sizes :)
couve.etsy.com  - Whether you're looking for Fine Art, Illustrations, Art prints or a few other surprises, my shop is the place!
CoyoteHeart.etsy.com - my store is currently handstamped jewelry. I also will be adding Pandora style bracelet that I just started creating. 
CoyoteRainbow.etsy.com - Jewelry making supplies, bubble mailers, Herbs, Crystals, and more
cozihome.etsy.com  - a shop that sells cute, motivational and quirky prints for a affordable price.
cozybeans.etsy.com  - My shop is nice and "cozy" :) I specialize in making cup and water bottle cozies. I have also just started a new relaxation line that includes aromatherapy neck wraps and eye pillows...and of course you can't leave out the kiddos, so I have thrown in some adorable boo boo packs!
CozyCotton.etsy.com  - I sell scarfs right now, but I hope to also start creating items like hats/touques, legwarmers, belly bands
cozyNwarm.etsy.com  - personalized and custom made beaded bracelets and more.
cpcrochetbasket.etsy.com  - I sell original colored pencil paintings and various crocheted items.
craftaria.etsy.com  - I sell crochet and knitting housewares and accessories using only natural fibers.
craftchicks.etsy.com -  I have baby blankets, reusable market bags (some made with blackboard fabric) and a variety of zipper pouches
Crafttasticparties.etsy.com - unique accessories for the contemporary woman. The fun, whimsical designs of handbags, clutches and purses are proving to be the future of fashion. 
craftluxuries.etsy.com  - Unique handmade invitations , swarovski jewelry, bags, favor boxes
CraftMeCrazy.etsy.com  - I crochet like crazy!! So most my items are crocheted goods, but I also do quite a bit of cross stitch also.
craftsandcuriosities.etsy.com  - I currently sell fabric flowers and digital scrapbooking paper. Look for a line of Dreampunk jewelry in the future! :o)
craftyartsandgifts.etsy.com - I create beautiful jewelry, accessories and art work.
CraftyCatie.etsy.com - crocheted hats, fingerless gloves, scarves, Brooches, etc... AND I have some vintage items.
craftydill.etsy.com - Vintage pottery, kitchen, figurines, linens, books, home decor, etc
CraftyKikis.etsy.com - I strives to always be unique yet affordable. All designs are created by hand,by me. each item has it's own identity. Every item is different in colour, shape and material, so it's really one of a kind.
craftymooncrab.etsy.com - Handmade Home Decor, Mixed Media Art, & Wedding
craftynikki.etsy.com - vintage
craftypunkgirl.etsy.com - Knit and crochet stuffs
CraftyCatPlates.etsy.com - lovely decoupage plates ad cake stands. 
CraftysCreations.etsy.com - I like to make jewelry & crochet items!
craftytagz.etsy.com - We make custom pet collars & ID tags
craftytreasuresstore.etsy.com - jewelry, instruction books, beads
Crandalian.etsy.com - I sell jewelry and accessories for everybody! My items make cute gifts and my wish bracelets make great "free gift with purchase!" I sell supplies and note cards as well.
crankheartpony.etsy.com - bags,wallets,fun stuff
CraveBuyLove.etsy.com - mostly vintage jewelry, fashion, art, collectibles etc. I also have a few handmade items in the shop.
CrazieHappy.etsy.com - The subheading of my shop is "Handmade Heartfelt Creations". I make wall hangings & also functional art such as candlesticks, incense burners, decorative bowls & barrettes.
crazyartdolls.etsy.com - Upcycled/Recycled Art Doll,Sculptures & Jewelry
crazybutcute.etsy.com - Unique and handmade for your home
crazygirlboutique.etsy.com - Bubble Cap Pendants and Hand cut/shaped Guitar Pick Pendants.
CrazyHatLadyBoutique.etsy.com - My shop is comprised of whimsical newborn photography props, gifts, and children's hats.
crazyjeephoney.etsy.com - Bitchin' Bags and More :)
crazypamm.etsy.com - soap and doll cloths
Crazypixel.etsy.com - premade and custom web design, logos and graphic service. 
crazyquiltz.etsy.com - I currently have vintage and hand knit and crocheted items.
CreatedByThe3Maries.etsy.com - original art, craft work, and supplies
createyourbliss.etsy.com - In my shop I sell handmade lampwork beads, metal work, and torched enameled beads. I also sell jewelry making supplies and findings.
CreationsByangelia.etsy.com - a Mix of this and that, but mostly Tribal Belly dance costume pieces but I can make almost anything
CreationsbyChristina.etsy.com - My shop focuses on digital bottle cap images. I have plans on bringing finished bottle cap products as well as things like woven ribbon headbands and embroidered items in the near future.
creationsbycori.etsy.com - jewelry and quilts
CreationsByCReid.etsy.com - I crochet pieces for everyone in your family. I try to keep my pieces original and many of my designs are done using no pattern. If I do use a pattern, I will alter it slightly for originality purposes. Trade friendly!
creationsbynoramarie.etsy.com - I make a variety of quilts, machine embroidery & some jewelry
CreativeAccessory.etsy.com - I do fun and whimsical jewelry and accessories as well as custom photo pieces.
CreativeArtbyME.etsy.com - Hand knitted silver wire and handmade jewelry.
CreativeAtelier.etsy.com -  For now I only have jewelry in my shop, but hope soon add more items
CreativeButterflyXOX.etsy.com - Your source for all things cute, polymer clay jewelry, original art, up-cycled vintage luggage, hand bags, clothing, accessories and more.
creativechild29.etsy.com - home decor, clothing, organic sweets, accessories, art
creativecurves.etsy.com - make unique one of a kind jewelry with my own glass beads and other stones. Not looking for jewelry unless it is different from my own...but I do like others work. Always looking for pottery, knit things, bags....etc.
creativedesignz.etsy.com - One of a kind jewelery and photography prints
CreativeDivaWorks.etsy.com - My shop is called CreativeDivaWorks and I sell cute accessories. Earrings, ipone cases, pendants, rings, and my signature pieces are my earcuffs.
creativelymom.etsy.com - a collection of handmade korker hairbows and woven headbands. I am also make bow holders, child's chef hats and matching aprons.
creativeseconds.etsy.com - New and used rubber stamps and craft supplies
CreativityBlossoms.etsy.com - Fingerless Gloves, Headbands and Custom Hand Knitting
CreativityHappens.etsy.com - Acrylic Blocks, Glass Blocks. they are lights, decoration, great for gift of all ages and personalized.
CrimsonHollow.etsy.com - Alittle botique with alittle of everything!
CrimsonMosquito.etsy.com - I concentrate on crocheted accessories and needle-felted brooches.
Cronpatchie46.etsy.com – specializing in quilts, vintage, jewelry,even some environmental items like rugs from "plarn"
CrochetASmile.etsy.com – I crochet stuffed animals and adult/child hats. I also crochet photography props. All of my items are made with soft yarn and are completely child safe! No beads, felt, or buttons here!!
crochetedtreasure.etsy.com – open to most items
CrochetLuv.etsy.com – one of a kind crochet hats.
crochetstyle.etsy.com – crochet and cross stitch
CROSSyourHEARTau.etsy.com - "My wish is to sow a little light, inspiration and positivity into your life with my creations. Where possible I aim to reuse, upcycle and recreate.......giving new life to old. If like myself you have a passion for hearts and crosses - you will find them in abundance here!My unique, handmade goodies make delightful and affordable gifts to share with others or to treat yourself! I can custom make items to your specification, please feel free to contact me with any questions."
crowandiris.etsy.com - Has handmade black bird postcards,baggies,Artisan Jewelry, Collage Ephemera kits~ Loves to trade!!
CrownAndCole.etsy.com - I'm a jewelry designer with two Etsy shops, CrownAndCole and RooftopFibers. I make fun bohemian and indie jewelry!
crowridgehollow.etsy.com - Handpainted items for all seasons
Crowsmack.etsy.com - kid's shirts
Crucifiedcondios.etsy.com - Whimsical paintings and scrapbook albums inspired by romance & nature
crumblescookies.etsy.com - Distintive Baked Goods, Remember what Grandma baked for you?
CrunchyCrafts.etsy.com - Earth friendly sometimes recycled, children's items and home items knit and sewn
crydparker.etsy.com - I mostly make dresses for little girls!
crystaldtadlock.etsy.com - My shop is mostly vintage finds, and handmade jewelry items. I have come to love vintage at this point so that is mostly what I am selling but I do make custom orders and post things I have made as well!
Crystalphotography.etsy.com - Fine art photography in different mediums.
CrystalsDigitalShop.etsy.com -  I have mostly digital tags, cards, etc.
cselib.etsy.com - I make jewelry with semiprecious stones, silver and/or copper.
CTCosta.etsy.com -  I sell my photographic images in multiple formats to meet my customer's needs. In addition to my Fine Art Photography, I also offer product photography services.
cubits.etsy.com - We sell rare, heirloom and organic seeds for growing edibles in your garden.
CuckoosCandles.etsy.com - Bath and Beauty, Candles, Hairbows, Dipped Bears, Paper Products, Supplies
CuddleCanvas.etsy.com - Screen printed baby and women items.
CuffandCollar.etsy.com - Quintessential Gentlemen's Vintage Jewelry
cultcouture.etsy.com - CULY COUTURE is a ROCKSTAR BLINGED OUT BOUTIQUE DESIGNED TO FEED YOUR ALTERED EGO. One of a kind upcycled creations by jennifer.
CultureShockJewelry.etsy.com - Handmade jewelry inspired by Native American Culture
curiouscleo.etsy.com - jewellery supply items.
CurlyPearl.etsy.com - Curly Pearl is a shop of lots of colorful jewelry and also flower headbands, fun artwork, and earring organizers.
CurlyQueBoutique.etsy.com - makes cute and stylish hairbows for all girls. We make bows of all sizes and from simple to over the top! Find bows for every day wear, birthday or a special photo shoot. We are your one stop shop for bows!
CustomCuriosities.etsy.com - specializing in temporary tattoos, stickers, buttons, custom ID cards, and so much more!
CustomDesignerPurses.etsy.com - Women and girls' purses, hair accessories and more to come.
customdiva.etsy.com - I have all types of jewelry with lots more to add. Custom orders are my speciality.
CustomizablyYours.etsy.com - I specialize in personalized and custom orders. Most of my items are sewn but I also love to crochet.
CustomKnitTreasures.etsy.com - I handknit Scarves and Beanies. All of my items are customizable and are knit with passion and care:)
cute7700.etsy.com - I make floral and architectural image jewelry
cuteasabuttontoys.etsy.com - handmade crochet toys, although I am in the process of adding cowls and puppy clothing as well.
Cuteling.etsy.com - I sell hand knit and crochet gaming beanies, slouchy beanies and other hats, scarves, gloves and cute accessories.
CuteNClassyMonograms.etsy.com - 
CutePolkaDots.etsy.com -  I have infant and children's clothing and accessories looking to trade for other children's stuff or stuff for the adults too!
CutesyGirls.etsy.com - Cute home decor/ gift items!
cutethings6.etsy.com - I create upcycled rings and jewelry-and handcrafted Holiday Trees, wreaths and florals.
CutiebugCreations.etsy.com - Adorable accessories that make the things in your life that much cuter. Include pocket mirrors, hair accessories, tote bags, keychains, earrings, necklaces, rings, and more. I make cute stuff and live my life that way too.
CutieMarkcustoms.etsy.com - I make handmade keychains and necklaces in mu shop, mostly of cartoon characters~ I would like to join the trade group to participate in trades. Cheer, CMC
cuzifeltlikeit.etsy.com - felties, aprons, keychains and more
cwchocolatesandgifts.etsy.com - 
CyberFabric.etsy.com - we have hundreds of fabrics!
cyberwezz.etsy.com - Handmade jewelry, crochet and knitwear, accessories, greeting cards, ACEOs, photography and more, that's The World of Wezz! 
CynCerelyCrocheted.etsy.com - crochet hats of all types