Full List-R

rabazaar.etsy.com - Handknits, Costume & Textiles.
rabbity.etsy.com - vintage clothing, collectibles & dolls
Rachelaakmama.etsy.com - I handmake unique party favor gift boxes and bags.
rachelherzog.etsy.com- I use up-cycled/recycled felted wool and cashmere and vintage buttons to make pouches, scarflettes, coffee cozies and wrist cuffs.
Rachelnae.etsy.com- features handmade polymer clay beads that I make into jewelry. I also have several hair accessories.
rachelschell.etsy.com- in my shop you'll find whatever my addiction is at the moment (crocheting, sewing, photography props, actions and templates).
rachelsoriginalart.etsy.com- art, original and prints and crafts
RachelsRubberRoom.etsy.com- My shop offers handcrafted greeting cards, stationery items and other hand stamped gift items including gift card holders, candles, framed art, bookmarks... the possibilities are almost endless!

rachinator87.etsy.com- Fashionable Customizable Hemp Jewelry

RadiantBaubles.etsy.com- I make letter bubble magnets, larger bubble magnets with ephemeral images of the past and a few small gift boxes that I make from greeting cards.

raedinestarr.etsy.com- accessories to wear

rainbowfrogs77.etsy.com- willing to trade any items that I have in my shop and/or custom items based off of what's in my shop with anybody else on etsy.I have a message that states this in my shop profile

RainbowLollies.etsy.com- I sell sweet colorful handmade jewelery and accessories.

rainbowswirlz.etsy.com- t shirts, sling bags, tote bags, dresses and more
RainneCityKnits.etsy.com - My shop is all knitted and crocheted items; I plan to work mostly on custom items rather than pre-made.

RaineDesign.etsy.com- Concrete and Moss Urban Wearables

RainyDayCloset.etsy.com- vintage and new crafty supplies and treasures

RaisedBedz.etsy.com- natural herbal products, dreadlock tams,hand crafted soaps and body care and will be adding Crocheted headbands and fabric headbands. Everything I make myself and all items are 100: vegan based no animal fats!

rajasthanhandicraft.etsy.com- Handmade Old patch work home furnishing Item...
RajasthanHandicrafts.etsy.com - Handmade Old patch work home furnishing Item...

ranamuck - Supplies Galore

ranamuckhemp.etsy.com - Hemp Jewelry

ranamuckphotography.etsy.com- Photography

Randumosity.etsy.com- Cloth Menstrual Pads and Accessories

raspberryjune.etsy.com- clothing, fabric, patterns

raspberryswirl81.etsy.com- Handcrafted creations & Vintage goods

rativs.etsy.com- Children's crocheted hats and scarves
raun.etsy.com - Knitted/crocheted scarves, cowls, hats, and things warm and cozy.

ravenbrook.etsy.com- tote bags, glass tile pendants & baby items

RavenfireDesigns.etsy.com- I have jewelry, beads and photography prints for sale.

RavenLunaStitch.etsy.com- hand carved jewelry & letter openers, some vintage, some destash, small black shoulder bags for cameras, binoculars or just as a purse, occasional beaded items, interesting decoupaged items

rawrcakes.etsy.com- handmade scrabble tile pendants

rayvenrenn.etsy.com- looking for incense, candles, soaps, anything unique

Rayvensupplies.etsy.com- supplies and destash items.


Rayvenwoodmanor.etsy.com- specializes in custom, handmade gothic and victorian influenced jewelry and custom Swarovski crystal bridal bouquets and unique wedding accessories .
RAWRmonster.etsy.comMy shop has jewelry, coasters, magnets, and other odds & ends to satisfy any retro gamer, and custom orders are welcome!
RBJewelryDesigns.etsy.com - Rachel Blackwell Designs is a collection of handcrafted artisan jewelry that includes hand forged and textured metals, freshwater pearls, gemstones and Swarovski crystals. Here you'll find earrings, pendant necklaces, bracelets and custom designs for either special occasion or every day wear. Bridal jewelry is also available at www.aurorabridal.etsy.com

reachmichellee.etsy.com- pillowcase dresses, cards, tags

readingbunky.etsy.com- purses, jewelry, paper items, little bags and more

realisationcreations.etsy.com- has jewellery, always looking for gifts for family and friends

rebeccanovotny.etsy.com- Handmade sterling silver jewelry with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones.

RebornBabyBlues.etsy.com- Reborn Baby Blues is a baby thru tween clothing boutique where each of my items are one of a kind creation.

reborndesigns.etsy.com- My creations are made by Rebirthing, or repurposing vintage jewelry, fabrics, and other supplies to create new lovable accessories.

Reconsumed - I sell one of a kind and made to order, custom, designed women's clothing! Some pieces are casual, some are extravagant. I love trading!!!

recupefashion - I take old material and turn it into new and beautiful items

recupefashionnstuff - jewelry, supplies and vintage

recycledcallie - recycled items
recyclemoe - I make usable recycled art: journals from old books, bibs from fused plastic grocery bags, wee books from game cards, planners from old books... I am constantly finding new ways to use discarded objects!
RedAvaDesigns - jewelry
redcrowarts - pottery, raku, handcrafted pottery pendants, mosaics == one of a kind pieces. would love to find great holiday gift items
reddhynes - hand made cards
reddishgallery - professional photographer and watercolorist
RedheadsAndRuffles - My shop is mostly little dresses, but it is still new and i have alot more to add as I create it ;)
redmarionette - Kooky Toys, Accessories and Fun Decorations
redposie - Shabby with a little funk added when i get into the 60s & 70s look what I found mode.
RedvyRoxx - all digital items from 12x12 paper designs to Clip art to Etsy Shop Set. Will be looking into selling digital and printed arts. And maybe if time permits expanding to crafts. I will slowly be adding more designs since I am a Free-lance graphics designer.
ReflectionsofKayla.etsy.com- a combination of my artwork and handmade jewelry.
reflectionsoflight - Reflections of Light is a shop dedicated to Travel Photography (right now). I'm a bit of a craft-a-holic and like to make anything that gets my hands messy!
relishdress.etsy.com– looking for men’s gifts, some jewelry
RenaissanceDays.etsy.com- Currently, shop holds original whimsical art paintings. I'm going to be adding prints that will be up for trade, or can be ordered for a trade.
renfenable.etsy.com- I create custom graphics using your photos of your items, your vision. It's especially helpful if people do not have time to do it themselves. I also have very inexpensive pre-made design sets.
repchi.etsy.com- Screen printed apparel
Repodress.etsy.com- I have eclectic vintage finds and handmade gifts
reprendre.etsy.com- Reprendre is a French word that means to recapture or rework. All of our items are things that are either recycled or repurposed. Initially we set the intention to reduce the waste in landfills and then the idea took off. Our creations seem to have taken on a life of their own. Each one is such a rush to finish and list in our store. Unfortunately on Etsy you can't touch the items or see them in 3D because that's what really sells our items. Photography can only do so much. Come and see our unique creations.
ResumeReform.etsy.com- Reinventing your first impression
Retransmission.etsy.com - Vintage Boutique - Tasty whispers from the past!
retro80s.etsy.com- looking for illustrations, paper goodies, silk screenprinted items, hair accessories for women that's different from mine, jewelry...and supplies too!
RetroBabs.etsy.com- Vintage & ReMix A vintage shop with a mid-century modern vibe. We sell pieces of history.
Retromagination.etsy.com- antique, vintage, retro, and previously handmade and upcycled
retropie.etsy.com - My shop is a vintage shop. I have vintage books, ephemera, accessories and more. I also have another shop, raspberryswirl81, which is already part of this wonderful team.
reuzed.etsy.com- jewelry, accessories, clothing
ReWorkedDesigns.etsy.com -  I have all kinds of items including clothing, crocheted items, hats, scarves, etc
rhapsodyhandcrafted.etsy.com- jewelry, soaps, lip balm, candles and more
Rhiannon228.etsy.com- Beautiful original paintings, ACEOs, prints, custom portrait paintings, unique pendants and lots of different OAAK items. Like to trade for just about anything - I love to be surprised.
RhinestoneRevolution.etsy.com- Everything Rhinestone!
Ribbonsetc.etsy.com- hair streamers, headbands and hair bows and everything else ribbon!
Richaway1230.etsy.com- Machine Embroidery,Lace,Vintage Fabrics and More
richiedesigns.etsy.com- Lovingly made handmade jewelry!
RighteousRebelz.etsy.com - Righteous Rebelz is a unique shop, and a husband and wife team who love God! We create handcrafted items and works of art for everyone as well as custom orders.
RighteousRecycling.etsy.com - I love the thrill of the hunt, finding supplies, things I collect; so it is only natural that I am down for the swap!
RileyHomeFragrance.etsy.com- I love to recreate memories with different scents. I find it amazing that when I smell a scent, I immediately drift back in time. I have always had a passion to create. Because of my creativity and love of fragrance, I began making products for myself. Everyone deserves to enjoy high quality fragrance items at an affordable price. This is why I pour all of my creations by hand, using only the best quality waxes and fragrances.
RingsHandmade.etsy.com- rings
rippascustomsilver.etsy.com - A little jewerly and a little craft.
RitasKnots.etsy.com - Hi, i am an avid crocheter, who just recently found etsy and started my own shop.. i love making new items, and love getting feedback and custom orders! i love all the items on etsy, and looking forward to trading our items =)
riverhouserustics.etsy.com- I make and sell primitive and rustic furniture and accessories.
RiverlandCrafts.etsy.com- candy, cookies, bread, soaps, crocheted items
rivertownglass.etsy.com- A unique collection of handcrafted jewelry, wineglass markers, and cards
RJBeads.etsy.com- jewelry supplies, vintage patterns and ephemera
rmsmith09.etsy.com- Jewelry for everyday wear that includes beads, pearls, and personalized jewelry and items.
RobertaValle.etsy.com -  I have a jewelry shop, my favourite materials are stones and sterling silver. I love to buy on Etsy, but I have opened a new account for the store. I am planning to use only this from this time on. I love to buy handmade scarves, hats and of course supplies for my work :)
robrenee.etsy.com - My shop is is 'Little Mister & Sister' and offer a myriad of baby goodies ranging from monogrammed blankets to personalized diaper bags
rock44.etsy.com- i make one of a kind hand made jewelry
ROCKaSAILOR.etsy.com- custom jewelry, and a few hair accessories. I work with metal, clay, resin... just about anything I can get my little hands on!
Rockindogs.etsy.com - Handmade custom apparel for dogs and cats. Specializing in the "no-choke" fashion harnesses, coats, pajamas, apparel and more.
rockinpretty.etsy.com- I make guitar pick jewelery and punk/rockabilly hair accessories.
rocknbauble.etsy.com- Awareness Jewelry for the Heart
rocksplace.etsy.com- dedicated to making interesting, goregeous jewelery. I hope to expand to adding my reclaimed art and hair accessories.
rocksplace.etsy.com- Unique Handmade Jewelry and Supplies
RockStarHottie.etsy.com- My shop is everything that is all about me. I love pink, black, skulls, rhinestones and anything else that is shiny. I make hair clips, wristlets, tutu's, bookmarks, clipboards, bottle openers, wine glass charms and work with resin. I live for crafting, its something that I inherited from my Japanese mom. I also love trading!
romanticwarriorqueen - I make hand crafted items, crochet, felted wool, jams and jellies and some vintage.
RockTheCustardPrints.etsy.com -I sell character based children's art prints :)
romynovski.etsy.com- offers a constantly changing stream of unique, top-quality, hand-picked vintage clothing and accessories shipped worldwide to an ever-growing list of satisfied repeat customers. Over two decades of collecting, and work in the fashion arts, I've honed my eye to develop the skills I am using on your behalf daily - To catch only the finest quality, collectible vintage gems from the 1950's to 1980's and offer them to you here via the pages of Etsy. Let my passion for vintage fashion add timeless style to your wardrobe.
Rosalizsolano.etsy.com- crochet
RoseHips.etsy.com- one of a kind altered game piece jewelry, but also some other kitschy stuff, including wine charms, magnets & stationery.
RosiesCraftShack.etsy.com - I am a hobbyist that likes to work with polymer clay and I am also a wood turner.
RosyToesesCrochets.etsy.com -  I sell and crochet hats, and other fun crochet things. I love to crochet, if i could i would crochet all day everyday. I mostly crochet hats. I have mostly baby hats in my shop, but i do love to make hats in all sizes.
rotifera.etsy.com- whimsical and fun hair accessories
royalhoneydesigns.etsy.com - An artisan home perfumery with phthalate & paraben free candles, diffusers, tart melts, room sprays and more for the home. We trade anything in our shop.
royalkitness.etsy.com- My shop houses a huge array of items. From cute clay donut magnets to baby beanies, hip scarves to steampunk pendants, trinket boxes and jewelery to handbags... there's something for everyone!
RubyPearls.etsy.com - Ruby Pearls features accessories for women and girls of all ages. From modern to vintage, infant hair bows to feather accessories, mini top hats to photography props - all hand made with the highest of quality. Visit rubypearls.etsy.com for more information.
rubyrockdesigns.etsy.com- I sell jewelry that I design and make using a variety of materials: crystals, Lampwork, Czech glass, stone, gemstones, wire, pearls, etc.
RubyRedDragon.etsy.com- jewelery, felting and art
rubyrosecreations.etsy.com- Handmade Jewelry, Photo Cards, Beach Art & Vintage Items to name a few.
RubysUniqueBoutique.etsy.com- handmade greeting cards and custom designed invites
ruffledflamingo.etsy.com- I sew ladies bloomers for sleeping and lounging, cute sun hats, potholder sets, and wristlet sets. Now and then I make something cute and throw it into the mix.
RuinBibber.etsy.com- Here you will find an eclectic mix of fun treasures, whimsical holiday decor and vintage goodies!
RunnergirlCreations.etsy.com- A fitness freak with creative energy! Handmade, unique paper cards.
RunningInPlace.etsy.com - I make scrabble tile pendants and silver plated resin pendants all packaged in matching gift tins. I also make magnet sets, coaster sets and pocket mirrors. Everything listed in my shop is available for trade 
runwithscissors2009.etsy.com- fabric flowers for your crafts, hair clips, ribbon roses, custom bouquets and a little vintage
russianforest.etsy.com- has cards and vintage stationery
RusticAotearoa.etsy.com - Beautiful handmade shell and sea glass jewellery
rusticrainbow.etsy.com- Whimsical felt jewelry, accessories and wall decor!
RuthButler.etsy.com- I make fine jewelry and dreamcatchers of all sizes from reclaimed wood. I do custom jewelry and dreamcatchers also.
RylanCarter.etsy.com- crocheted hats, headbands, a few room decor items- all geared towards infants or small children.