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e11einad.etsy.com - Hand-made comic book wallets!
eandvhutch.etsy.com - As seen on the Today Show! Unique Handmade Gifts Made from Upcycled Gift Cards.
EarsToYou2.etsy.com - I sell handmade glass beaded jewelry and love to do it! :) Everything in my shop is $10! I love custom orders and treat my customers as I'd like to be treated!
EarthArtisanMama.etsy.com - My 10 year old and myslef have made a creative shop for the items we make and sell online and at our store. We make leather goods, handbags,skirts,upcycled clothing,headwraps,crochet and knit items,and my 10 year old makes jewelry!
EarthKind.etsy.com - My shop primarily focuses on items for children such as clothing and accessories. I also sell eco-friendly items such as cloth diaper wipes/family cloth.
earthdream.etsy.com - naturally inspired handmade jewelry
EarthKind.etsy.com - My shop primarily focuses on items for children such as clothing and accessories. I also sell eco-friendly items such as cloth diaper wipes/family cloth.
EarthLifeShop.etsy.com - All jewelry pieces are OOAK Design and Creation by Rainbowserpent Medicine Woman, Dagmar Magdalena Ceki, experienced as Shamanic Counselor, Energy Coach, Natural Health Consultant, Qi Gong instructor and Reiki Master working in the Ways of The Divine Feminine. We Create Beautiful Gemstone Healing Jewelry and provide you with wonderful Scandinavian Smudge, which fills your home with the smell of Northern Forests Our Healing Jewelry not only includes the healing properties of the stones themselves, but also the loving, healing energy brought into the creating process .
earthslings.etsy.com - natural products for Mums and babies. Primarily slings, wraps, cloths and toys.
eastbaycalifornia.etsy.com - My shop is filled with an eclectic, kitschy, hand made and vintage array of items. I am getting well known for my shoe customizations, and some clay creations, however, I would live to start selling my paintings and other hand made items again shortly! I am a self proclaimed and aspiring jack of all trades and a magpie at heart, attracted to color, texture and the love of vintage. I try to add new items and keep prices low everyday! Those that wish to trade are more than welcome to drop me a line!
EasternInspired.etsy.com - EasternInspired handmade items. Right now I only have Middle Eastern styled anklets & necklaces, but may add other types of items later on.
eastoftheborder.etsy.com -  I am a jewelry designer and artisan crafter.
EastOfTheSun.etsy.com - run by Maine-based artist Anna Simmons. The shop features many different fun and stylish items, including hand-pulled prints, original art jewelry, photography, and fiber arts.
eavesdrop.etsy.com - HAS: vintage & modern jewelry-making supplies WANTS: anything cool
Ebeniste.etsy.com - I mostly work with wood and stock my shop with items big and small, anything from rings to cutting boards to furniture.
EBFinds.etsy.com - vintage
EbiEmporium.etsy.com - I sell original acrylic paintings and art postcards / greeting cards. My works are very bright and bold, and mostly abstract in nature.
echoesofstars.etsy.com - Art Pendants & Handcrafted Goodness
EclecticCyborg.etsy.com - Vintage
EclecticHappiness.etsy.com - I sell mostly jewelry, but a few other things. It is all handmade and unique. I use a variety of materials, some of which are recycled.
eclecticnesting.etsy.com - Eclectic handmade jewelry; vintage goodies; supply destash; coming soon: mixed media art.
EclecticVisions.etsy.com-  I am the owner and designer of Eclectic Visions. I do made to order original designs from my home studio in Horizon City,TX.
EclisseCreazioni.etsy.com - Custom Photo Jewelry, Personalize Gift & Keepsake
Eco2.etsy.com - eco-friendly and bridal jewelry
ECPhotographyPDX.etsy.com - We are a Portland based photography company that LOVES handmade!
ecram1.etsy.com - totally unique teacup candles and jewelry, rosaries, rosary bracelets and other prayer beads.
ecsquared.etsy.com -  I sell handmade bags, purses and wallets for women.
edencreativestudio.etsy.com - Stationery Art Prints Custom Paper Goods
edenswell.etsy.com - jewelry and photography services
EdenWeddingStudio.etsy.com - wedding related paper goods
EdgeOfOz.etsy.com - I mostly sell vintage sewing patterns, but offer current patterns as well. Also, you'll find some vintage dresses, shoes and whatever I decide to craft.
edithandlulu.etsy.com - a boutique collection of jewelry made with vintage, collectible, recycled and new buttons.
edwinareinspired.etsy.com - handbags from recycled fabric remnants and genuine leather.
EHilburn.etsy.com - Right now my shop only contains a few wire wrapped sea glass pieces, but will soon be sporting my ceramics again. Having just relocated to Hawaii, I find myself inspired by the textures and colors. It is influencing my art in a major way. This shop is evidence of that fact! : )
Eichholzt.etsy.com - Photography: Nature,Posed,Photo edits & More
EightSeasons.etsy.com -  Luxurious bags and accessories for a beautiful soul :)
eileenastudio.etsy.com - I like to reuse things and with my jewelry I have that opportunity; I repurpose cans, bottlecaps, wire, and even fabric. I always do what I like and hopefulla that would be what others will like also.
EKCreations.etsy.com - Come and visit to find Steampunk Creations, including The Original E.K.Steampunk Clocks.
ekohaus.etsy.com -  I'm designing and making eco friendly Wool Felted Slippers and Felted Shoes with Contrasting Color Soles made from natural rubber.
EKSupplies.etsy.com - Come and get the most unusual supplies for your Steampunk and Assemblage Art.
ela4.etsy.com.etsy.com - i have 2 shops: art photography and a baby boutique
ElainaLouiseStudios.etsy.com - Our jewelry is inspired by antique industrial, steampunk and Victorian genres as well as fairies, mermaids and other mythical beings.
ElanPottery.etsy.com - Functional handmade wheel thrown pottery
eleanorestreasures.etsy.com -  I sell handstitched appliqued children's clothing
electricbluebird.etsy.com - Vintage Shabby Chic Goth Punk Clothing and Accessories
ElectrikPinkPirate.etsy.com - fandom goods and novelty items. Temporary tattoos, stickers, buttons, ID cards and so very much more!
ElectriqueLadyland.etsy.com - My shop is quality leather and feather accessories handmade by me. Keep your eye out for my fabulous vintage finds.
elegantgirl.etsy.com - Trendy hand painted spoon necklaces and earrings for men and women.
ElegantKnitting.etsy.com - I have hand knit women's accessories such as cowls, shawls, and vintage-looking stoles and wraps. I also sell hand knit bookmarks and cupcake shaped purses for little girls. I have recently begun to sell my handmade vintage-looking hang tags.
elegantyoubeads.etsy.com - I make hand beaded jewelry and tapestries
ElementsOfSaffron.etsy.com - I have a quaint little shop that has mostly very unique jewelry at the moment. I will be launching my skincare line, and aromatherapy products very soon.
Eleven35.etsy.com - handmade natural bath and body products
elisasdezignz.etsy.com - Dazzling handmade jewelry made with Swarovski Crystal, gemstones, copper, sterling silver and antique brass. Dazzling Dezignz.... it all starts with the perfect accessory!
ElisaMaiDesign.etsy.com - My shop is a collection of jewelry made out of non-precious but very cool materials like wood, brass, copper, and glass. The designs are playful, modern, and totally wearable. I'd love to trade for other nice goodies!
elitestreet.etsy.com -  Elite Street is a handmade and vintage shop. Elite Street has a variety of decorative tea light jars made from shattered, or "crackle," glass gems. There is also a small, hand-picked selection of vintage jewelry circa 1980s. Most items are in the $10 to $30 range.
Elizabethcleary.etsy.com - Oil and Acrylic paintings- landscapes, still lifes and more!
ElizabethGwenOrignls.etsy.com - Dresses, handbags, skirts, hair stuff, and more
elizabethjewelry.etsy.com - Uniquely Handcrafted Sterling Gemstone jewelry is available- I love Clothing, Sweets and clever practicales
ElizabethMDJewelry.etsy.com -  I am a jewelry designer.
ElizabethOHara - watercolor, mixed media, acrylic paintings and archival prints.
ElizabethOHaraGlass - fused glass, cast glass and ceramic wall art.
ellarye - Lots of Lovely Things... headbands, jewlery, original art, etc
ellemoss - My shop is full of photography
elorascastle.etsy.com -  My shop is Renaissance crocheted items and patterns and some artwork and jewelry. 
elsiee.etsy.com - jewelry
elsiej.etsy.com - I'm a freelance designer and enjoy designing cards, wedding invitations, announcements and stationery. I'm getting my etsy shop running and have wedding invites, and baby announcements currently available.
elsjeboer.etsy.com - refashioned adult clothing
ElSpanador.etsy.com - My shop consists of beaded jewelry made with unique antique, vintage, and other quality found components as well as some illustration work. If you see something you like, let me know :)
elsy1477.etsy.com - vintage jewelry, vintage items, recycled/upcycled jewelry
emarcidorchid.etsy.com - My shop features jewelry made from genuine gemstones and precious metal. Nature's beauty is what I pursue.
EmelePhotography.etsy.com -  Home Decor Prints from Animals, Nature and Flowers to Travel Scenes.
emeraldcoast.etsy.com - Jewelry
EmilyEckel.etsy.com - buttons that reinterpret preindustrial revolution button making technologies and use recycled materials as much as possible.
EmilyMagpieMoments.etsy.com  - I currently produce polymer clay covered tea light holders of my own design and love to receive custom orders. I'm happy to tailor designs to your own colours or patterns and relish new challenges. I also love vintage housewares and like to spread the second-hand love as much as I can :D
emilyringelman.etsy.com  - has wristlets, whimsical pins, and cards; looking for soap, earrings, letterpress, and anything else neat.
emilywestlowry.etsy.com - I sell women's accessories, from everyday items like earrings, to formal items, to bridal veils and hairpieces :)
emmacathy.etsy.com  - raw vegan super yummy snacks
EmmasEarrings.etsy.com - I sell jewelry. I started off with just earrings, but am starting to expand into other types of jewelry. I am also planning to start selling greeting cards 
emmavasquez.etsy.com  - custom portraits
EmmysBoosAndRawrs.etsy.com  - I have stuffed animal monsters and i'm looking for soaps, other practical household things, monster stuff, stuff with stars on it, dinosaur stuff, anything geeky or related to video games/computers, etc. but feel free to convo me no matter what you sell i'd be happy to take a look at anything.
emotionaloasis.etsy.com  - Fused Glass Accessories & Jewelry to fit every emotion!
empresseccentric.etsy.com  - A Magical place full of Treasure & Fun.. Beautiful Handmade Brooches & Kilt Pins. Unique Handmade designs. Steampunk, Rockabilly, Nautical, Floral, Quirky, Retro, Eccentric or Magical.... Seahorses & Fairys. Add a splash of vibrant colour as a * Extra Button * to a Dress, Jacket, Cardi, Bolero or as a Fab Bag Accesssory. Give as a beautiful gift. Keepsakes.
enchainedtreasures.etsy.com - Chain-maille and jewelry with a modern twist.
endorfinn.etsy.com  - hand-made jewelry
energyshop.etsy.com  - Spiritual Jewelry designed to remind you of your best intentions!
ephemeralpillages.etsy.com -  My shop is mostly my handmade jewelry that is recycled from vintage buttons and jewelry parts.
EquineExpressionsbyD.etsy.com - Personalized Artisan and Handstamped jewelry for the horse lover.
ericalev.etsy.com  - Paintings, original ACEOs, jewelry, and paper crafts.
ericalyndesigns.etsy.com  - handmade gifts and accessories
ericosmicgirl.etsy.com  - I make necklaces with crystal and gems and lovely pendants and decoupage bangles and earrings.
Eridanea.etsy.com  - unique handmade and vintage treasures, including jewelry, accessories, supplies and vintage findings.
erikajadams.etsy.com - jul-ree ~ sparkle every day Jewelry that's high-quality but accessible.
ErinsCorner.etsy.com -  I sew doll items and clothing mainly for 18" dolls.
ErinsJewelryCreation - i make jewelry. necklaces, bracelets, earrings.
ErisSensations.etsy.com  - Handmade sterling silver jewelry!!!
ErravensAddiction.etsy.com  - a handcrafted crochet store, where you can find dog cloths, baby items, funky hats and scarves and even a few amigurumi.
eruckman.etsy.com  - Custom hand stamped jewelry, golf ball makers, bookmarks, and more :-)
ESArt.etsy.com  - My shop features fine art portraiture commissioned in charcoal and pastel, original paintings and photography.
EsBello.etsy.com - Beaded and peyote stitch rings, bracelets and earrings
EscapistFashion.etsy.com  - a variety of whimsical and unique jewelry and fashion items.
EscargotArtsyBits.etsy.com  - I make collage glass tile necklaces as well as some vintage upcycled jewelry.
Essentialtoyourown.etsy.com  - Rings, jewelry and off beat accessories, paper creations and tons of random fun
EtherealEarth.etsy.com  - Here you will find her fairy inspired digital paintings as well as a collection of handmade gifts, including bookmarks, key chains, magnets, and greeting cards made in Ali's studio on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
ethoscustombrands.etsy.com  - We sell handmade leather guitar straps, cuffs, belts, boots and other miscellaneous leather items.
etsybabz.etsy.com  - I make and sell clothing and crafts
euniceneedlecraft.etsy.com  - hand crocheted items
EvaLauryn.etsy.com  - Handmade baby gifts
evalinehorng.etsy.com  - I make Jewelry Boxes, Plushies, Jewelry and other collectables for girls.
EvalynBlackDesigns.etsy.com  - my shop sells feather accessories and jewelry
Evenrose.etsy.com  - My shop is accessories and jewelry made of mostly upcycled and vintage materials. I also have a section of vintage clothing.
EverAmber.etsy.com  - Funky and fabulous one-of-a-kind designs using new and vintage elements.
EverAndAnon.etsy.com  - Ever & Anon offers scented soy candles, photo lockets, glass pendants and wire wrapped jewelry. Many more items will be added in the near future including sculpted lotion bars, body butters, bath salts, perfume oils, massage candles and other luxurious treats.
everlastingdoodle.etsy.com - We are a mom & daughter team that creates hand painted canvas, funky jewelry and specializes in custom orders!
everydayangel13.etsy.com  - Vintage/retro items including collectibles, jewelry and misc destash lots.
EverydayDiamonds.etsy.com  - handmade floral hair accessories and other pretty finds.
everydayunique.etsy.com  - I sell a variety of sewn and crocheted items -- baby, accessories, kitchen & bath, and more.
EveryPrettyThing.etsy.com  - Decoupaged jewelry boxes, nursery art, monograms, and felt animals
everythingok.etsy.com  - knitting, photography, illustration - electric dreams and analogue wonder
EvienLizzie.etsy.com - I make handmade ruffle pants, applique, pillowcase dresses, lounge pants and bandana dresses! All of the items my shop are handmade with care by me in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you see something you would like in another fabric or size please convo me for availability. I love custom orders and will work with you until we find exactly what you are looking for!
EvyDaywear.etsy.com  - I have a OOAK jewelry store. I make all of my own jewelry and have been a wholesaler for the past 7 years. I use primarily semiprecious stones and sterling. I especially love to use unusual agates and jaspers.
Evyy.etsy.com  - the place to be for fun and fresh jewelry and the cutest wishingstars that will make your wishes come true!
exclamations.etsy.com  - Handcrafted Jewelry - beaded, wire wrapped, and chainmail jewelry designs.
ExcoloDesign.etsy.com - ExcoloDesign: Unique, handcrafted jewelry made from precious metals, gemstones, crystal, and other components!
exhaustedcreativity.etsy.com  - men's and women's jewelry pieces: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, tie tacks, painted jewelry boxes, etc.
ExpressionsByCheree.etsy.com  - I offer a wide variety of handmade fashion jewelry products - necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other accessories - bookmarks and hair pins
ExpressionsByV.etsy.com - Great graphics at a right price! I enjoy creating simple and clean designs for the typical Etsy seller that may not want to spend too much to brand his/her shop up front. It’s my labor of love…
ExquisiteBounty - Honestly Anything and everything may apply in the end, but the current focus is Baked Goodies, Jewelry, and eventually Soaps.