Full List-I

IdeasOnPaper.etsy.com - I have scrapbook supplies, cards, tags and stamps. New items added periodically!
ideology.etsy.com - My shop features handmade jewelry in a variety of colors and designs, each piece as unique as those who wear it. :)
IdleHandsCrochetArts.etsy.com - This shop is finished hand crocheted items.
idyllhands.etsy.com - Hand Made Jewelry and Hand Knit Accessories
if1hadwords.etsy.com - I sell artistic photography prints, and wonderful vintage treasures!
iguania03.etsy.com - My shop sells hair bows, clippies, tutus, flowers and headbands. I love to work with adorable resins like cupcakes, strawberries, skulls and more. I also have bottle cap bows.
ikyoto.etsy.com - geeky t-shirts and more!
iheartglitter.etsy.com - pocket watches - all styles and themes!
iHeartMutants.etsy.com - Polymer clay monsters and jewelry.
ile1974.etsy.com - I create beaded and ooak ceramic painted jewelry (I really love painted in Scandinavian Technique with gold details)
ileana.etsy.com - Add a bit of sparkle to your life. Handmade jewelry, bookmarks and other accessories made using freshwater pearls, glass, crystals, paper, sterling silver and more.
ILoveBeads1971.etsy.com - beading supplies, vintage and handmade jewelry
ilovehellokitty.etsy.com - jewelry
Ilovephotography.etsy.com - I am a photographer and am selling my photos... I'm still in the process of building my shop by adding new photos and other work, such calendar, hopefully cards etc.
ilovetrash.etsy.com - i specialize in two things: high end mid 60s thru late 70s rockwear / rocker gear & in quintessences. if you wanna FEEL like yr w/ led zeppelin in 1973 or @ andy warhol's in 1966, { id est }--i'm where you find it.
ilovetweek.etsy.com - accessories out of reconstructed, vintage ties
iloveyouthankyou.etsy.com - jewelry and beads
iluxo.etsy.com - Iluxo Jewelry & Design is a shop dedicated to fresh new ideas that blend technology with fashion.
ilysaart.etsy.com - Polymer clay artwork and instructional DVD's and video tutorials
ImaginaryBee.etsy.com - My Shop is full of Fun and Unique Party Favors Made of Organic Goats Milk Soap. I also make Lotions, Sugar Scrubs, Body Spray and more!
impawsibletoresist.etsy.com - Diabetic Socks Tawashi Arm or Leg Warmers ACEOs Kawaii
ImprimereGraphics.etsy.com - Imprimere Graphics creates new digital art, cards and prints from antique art.
ImpulsiveCrafter.etsy.com - My shop is mostly baby and childrens items, burp cloths, rag quilt and taggie loveys, chalkmats and memory match games
InChains.etsy.com - Hello, my name is Diana and I am a crochet geek! I hand crochet geekery and fun and cute items. Check out my shop InChains
incraftwetrust.etsy.com - looking for outsider art, robots, edgy ACEOS & paper goods
indigoarts.etsy.com - clay & glass jewelry, ornaments & sculpture
indigoartsphotos.etsy.com - square format, retro style photography
indigobjects.etsy.com - Maker of gemstone jewelry and metaphysical objects who welcomes custom requests. My shop also offers a wide variety of antique, vintage, collectible objects.
indigofragrance.etsy.com - Fragrance oils, reed diffusers, scented sachets and other fragranced items and supplies.
indigotwin.etsy.com - folk art sculptures
infuseddesigns.etsy.com - I create jewelry and other funky accessories out yarn, wire, beads, puzzle pieces and just about anything else that catches my fancy!
InHerImagination.etsy.com - ." we strive to design doll clothes that are not only "in style" but also outfits that will last for many years to come, and these quality made outfits can be passed down to other girls in the family.
InkaDinkDesigns.etsy.com - printable items for every occasion
INKco.etsy.com - i sell my drawings, they are mostly done in ink, sometimes watercolor, lots of times both, i find inspiration where i can. art is my passion and i have recently started an apprenticeship under a (quite famous) artist.
inkstudio.etsy.com - Specializing in custom boutique blog, website, and logo design. I also offer commercial digital art available for cardmaking and scrapbooking.
inlovewithsaturday.etsy.com -  I provide handmade lampwork beads and artisan jewelry.
innerhooker.etsy.com - Crochet patterns
innervisiondesigns.etsy.com - Inner Vision Designs is a label creating all kinds of clothing, textiles and wearable arts. My focus is handmade felt and wearable art. I use Australian merino wool, Australian mohair, silk fabrics, silk fibres and other yummy bits and pieces, all hand dyed and hand painted. All pieces are my 'inner vision', made with love and dedication.
innovativemom.etsy.com - 
insightinmind.etsy.com - Here I provide services as a Psychic/ Medium.
InsomniaStudios.etsy.com - custom steampunk jewelry
inspirationalbanners.etsy.com - I make holiday, seasonal and personalized custom banners/garlands to hang over fireplaces, doorways, on walls, etc..
inspiredbyfelicity.etsy.com - Baby, toddler & big girl accessories including peacock feather hair clips and shabby chic vintage inspired headbands.
InspiredbyOceans.etsy.com - I have nautical jewelry and gifts in my shop!
inspiredbyrose.etsy.com - duck tape stuff
InspiredDesigns4YOU.etsy.com - InspiredDesigns4YOU is a shop that provides handmade, one-of-a kind custom jewelery. I design necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings using the finest of components that are nickle free. I have completed several courses in beading and gemology.
InspiredJewelryShop.etsy.com - I make jewelry, mostly bracelet, earrings, and necklaces. I crochet baby blankets and scarves, and other goods. Everything I make is as unique as I am. Almost ALL of what I make is unique and one of a kind since I rarely make the same time more than once.
InspiredJourney.etsy.com - I can't stop making things, so my shop consists of Artisan Candles, handbuilt pottery, original art, Raw Food items and some Vintage items sprinkled in because I can't seem to pass up a good Estate Sale. I LOVE to barter any and all things lovely. Hope to hear from you soon!
inspiredlifedesigns.etsy.com - accessories for adults and children
inspireyourwalls.etsy.com - Our lettering is an easy way to create a "hand painted" look of art without having to lift a paintbrush. It is a thin vinyl material that goes on easy and to top it off the lettering is also removable! You can add some wow to your walls without worry. We offer a font for every occasion, and over 23 colors. We can create the perfect masterpiece for your wall. Our lettering is perfect for home-owners, business-owners, rent tenants, college students, and church groups, we can even create something for your car windshield too. Take a look around and let us help you create something Inspiring!
IntricatesByDeb.etsy.com - Elegant Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry
InuInspirations.etsy.com - Products for Pampered Pets
InvitingPrintables.etsy.com - I design invitations, party packs, holiday cards and more
irinacarmen.etsy.com - jewelry,dresses,crocheted and kniting things ...
Irishcolleen01.etsy.com - Vintage kitchen collectibles, farm items, cast iron cooking items
isabellaboo.etsy.com - I make adorable knit Twirl Skirts and matching shirts or onesies, as well as tie shirts and onesies for the little guys. When I get back to full steam after baby comes & I can work again, I do custom initial or birthday numbers on little shirts and onesies.
IsabelsVintage.etsy.com - Vintage accessories, jewelry, home decor, collectibles and glassware
islandcostumes.etsy.com - Polynesian costumes, shells and feathers
islandescapescandles.etsy.com - Hand poured, all-natural soy candles in hexagon shaped jars, decorative soy pillar candles, and other assorted, decorative pillar candles using palm or paraffin wax.
ItsaGoodDayforClay.etsy.com - I make polymer clay necklaces and sculptures. I also knit. A lot of my stuff is holiday themed and Pokemon related.
itsajoi.etsy.com - I sell cloth diapering products and accessories as well as hand crocheted wall art, blankets and personalized gifts. I am interested in almost anything, but especially wool and fabrics.
ItsAnewDay.etsy.com - Jewelry - antler, beads, wire wrap
itsashorething.etsy.com - Ocean related hair clips, flower hair clips, along with some tutu's and odds ends. Looking to expand into other areas when time allows.
itsastitch.etsy.com - Whimsical metal jewelry & edgy bleached accessories!
ItsyBitsyCS.etsy.com - My items are vintage inspired
IttyBittyBlossoms77.etsy.com - handmade flowers, handmade cards, handmade display art and home decor, and vintage items.
iuliachifelea.etsy.com - my shop is a mix of femininity, delicacy expressed in a various tones of color.
IvoryClouds.etsy.com - shop features handmade children's toys and accessories that aim to be eco friendly and original.
ivorytowerltd.etsy.com - I make bags out of upcycled clothing (mostly T shirts) as well as one of a kind vintage inspired clothing.
Iwalani79.etsy.com - I specialize in Japanese Paperclay Flowers for weddings, accessories, cakes, decor, Lei's and more! My flowers are primarily made to order with custom requests available at any time. I also do freestyle creations and feature them in my shop such as bottlecap art charms, clay charms, hair bows, and freehand drawn mini cards with more creations to come!
IzzyBizzyBs.etsy.com - IzzyBizzyB's is focused on making as close to OOAK items as is possible out of as close to 100% upcycled materials or items that will in some way reduce our carbon footprint. Hence "Cage Free Crafts".
izzysgma.etsy.com - I make children clothing and accessories! Everything from dresses to pants, tutus, headbands clips etc etc!! I love to design new items and have many new things planned for Izzys Boutique