Full List-F

fable69.etsy.com - Crib sheets, blankets and burp rags and such
fabledcharmdesigns.etsy.com - I make handmade beaded jewelry in a vintage inspired designs, sometimes with vintage materials. I also make some small fabric pouches and bags.
FabricforCraft.etsy.com - I carry super unique, eclectic, vintage and fun supplies for all sorts of mediums
Fabrixoup.etsy.com - I sell fabric. Pretty simple! I'd be interested in trading other fabric, paper, and sewing supplies.
fabstashnmore.etsy.com -
FacetsJewelry.etsy.com - Jewelry-gemstones,swarovski crystals,sterling,anything beautiful
faeriepatchmarket.etsy.com – faerie illustrations/prints, and soon I'm planning to sell faerie clay sculptures too!
faeryspellcreations.etsy.com – unique hats and handbags
FaffCreations.etsy.com - Needle Felted Brooches, Bags & Housewares
fairycatlady.etsy.com - I paint fairy cats and offer prints, cards, aceos, and original paintings.
fairycreations.etsy.com - supplies
FairyPrincessCouture.etsy.com - My shop is all original creative designs for upcycled women's clothing and vintage items.
FaithisFabulous.etsy.com - a small shop designed for cutomers looking for that unique gift that can't find in stores. I specialize in Wedding Bouquets, Wishing wells, diaper cakes, tutus, jewelry, and much more. Customized and designed with you in mind.
Faithopeluve.etsy.com - I design vintage inspired hair accessories for newborns to adults.
FabulouslyFlawed.etsy.com - a shop devoted to well made accessories ( clips, necklaces, scarves..) to last you for years to come. All products are made in a pet and smoke free environment.
FancifulBelongings.etsy.com - Knitting needle organizers, crochet hook organizers and project bags
FancyAShiny.etsy.com - Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry
FantastiCrafts.etsy.com - Casual and Formal Jewelry and Accessories
FantasticGraphic.etsy.com - I sell graphics in my shop, and would be very interested to start trading as well. I got my first taste of trading recently, and now I'm hooked! I mainly create designs for etsy sellers, including premade and custom graphic orders.
fantasydesign.etsy.com - I mainly work with gems & gemstones but also crystals, ceramic, cloisinne, enamel, & glass. I create all kinds of jewelry. I am very diverse. I LOVE color, lots of bright colors!
FantasyJewelryGoddes.etsy.com -  make jewelry and a few other cute items.
FarnumInkStudio.etsy.com- photography, cards, and jewelry
FarrOutJewelryDesign.etsy.com -  My shop is a mix and match of eclectic items. I have earrings and bracelet's ranging from romantic, to plain, it's just an all around mix of items, that I like..I also have a wooden wine bottle holder that my dad makes from scratch in there. I have traded at artfire, if someone needs to see that feed back, my store is farroutdesigns on there.
fashiongreentbags.etsy.com- open to trades. I'm not looking for anything in particular but I like surprises
fashionliberation.etsy.com - Here I sell Sacred Magickal Art Jewellery, as well as supplies. I am open to creating custom work.
FauveBohemian.etsy.com - Original Mixed media, collage art, encaustic paintings as well as numerous prints of my original paintings
fauvestudio.etsy.com - Original Oil and acrylic paintings in fauve, expressionist and abstract styles. commissions available also.
FauxFoodFun.etsy.com - Cute polymer clay jewelry
FeatheredGypsy.etsy.com - all handmade jewelry by me Krista Empey. I mainly use feathers but I would eventually like to expand and make other types of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and so on. I aim for the gypsy/boho/hippie style.
FeatherFunded.etsy.com - Feather Funded consists of feather fascinators in many shapes, sizes and colors.
FeatherHeadCreations.etsy.com - My shop, FeatherHeadCreations is a combination of old and new, I love making hair clips from recycled materials combined with soft feathers. I also love to bead and have a variety of handmade bracelets and earrings. I am always willing to trade, just ask!
FeliciaMariah.etsy.com - my shop is made up of handmade rubber stamps as well as some photography prints
feliciawoodhouse.etsy.com - jewelry, cards, toys and more!
felix01822.etsy.com - I sell textile art, bags, brooches, altered photography. Looking for anything interesting
FeltBetter.etsy.com -  I am a felter, and I pride myself on getting the majority of my wool from kind animal farms and animal sanctuaries. I make area rugs, scarves, hats, purses, and vessels.
feltedkitten.etsy.com - festive felt crowns, decorative & birthday banners & upcycled play food/pin cushion cupcakes
feltery.etsy.com - My shop is filled with eco friendly felt goodies. everything I sell is hand stitched. My main things to sew are kitties, and iphone/ipod sleeves!
FeltFusion.etsy.com - I am a fibre artist based in the UK, working in wool using wet and needle felting techniques. I also knit. I LOVE to trade.
feltingirl.etsy.com - wool sculptures,recycled lamps, wool shoes,wall art,classes on needle felting,some needle felt supplies, mushroom and fairy things
feralspassage.etsy.com - jewelry artisan crafted with an abstract flare
Fergiefru.etsy.com - Childrens, gifts, gear and more! Baby, Tot and Up
FernBlossomStudio.etsy.com - I specialize in painted rocks, rock signs and mixed media rocks. I also turn my rocks Into jewelry and create fun mixed media hook racks.
ferncuriosities.etsy.com - Vintage and Handmade Treasures and Curiosities
feverdreamapparel.etsy.com - My shop includes jewelry, accessories, wall art, and custom Graphics created by request.
FIApdx.etsy.com - FIA(pdx) is all about cute, awesome, fun & handmade products. Creations are mostly made up of felt & cotton fabric. FIA(pdx) has items like plush pins, felt hair accessories, awesome pretend food & more!
FiberBungalow.etsy.com - My Esty shop is an eclectic blend of my handcrafted felt items, knitted items, jewelry, vintage and antiques finds. 
fibrous.etsy.com - Fibrous sells quirky and cute one-of-a-kind little animals made of wool.
ficklefaerie.etsy.com - looking for Christmas cards for my custom orders. Or wool!
FieldsofSunshine.etsy.com -  In my shop I carry hair bows and hair flowers, and always am adding new things.
FifisFroufrou.etsy.com - Original and repurposed vintage jewelry
figments.etsy.com - jewelry and art
fiinafiina.etsy.com - Fab Vintage Clothing, Shoes, Patterns etc
FindingStarlight.etsy.com -  I make handmade crochet items and jewelry. All of my creations are inspired by Fairytales, Love Stories, and Eras long since past.
FineEssentials.etsy.com - essential oil blends shop.
FinishedNotions.etsy.com -I have silverplate vintage spoon bracelets, necklaces, keychains, and winetags.
FireAndIceArt.etsy.com - I make artisan jewelry, many OOAK pieces, and I love to do custom work, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets.
FiredUpLadiesHammer.etsy.com - Handstamped Jewelry custom and personalized
FireflyDesignStudio.etsy.com - I am a ceramic bead artist.
firstlightglass.etsy.com - fused glass jewelry, art and home decor
fishbonesilver.etsy.com - Mostly silver jewelry made from precious metal clay and sterling.
fivestonesvintage.etsy.com - Vintage clothing & accessories & the occasional handmade nick-knack!
fizzypops.etsy.com -
Flair4Words.etsy.com - The name of my shop is EleganceExpressed and my love of writing, and romantic design are the common threads which are woven into my eclectic shop. My primary items are decorative flower pens, cards with hand calligraphy, and hair accessories. I also offer professional writing services. 
flameonglass.etsy.com - handmade lampwork beads
flamethrowerluv13.etsy.com - My shop is creepy and horror movie inspired jewelry and accessories! Handmade items only a mother could love!
flamingolady.etsy.com - Has cards, magnets, artwork, cards, jewelry and hand-painted decorative items. Will trade for most items in my shop. (don't have kids or pets), looking for soaps, shampoo, lotions, some food items, doilies, and open to other items, feel free to ask!
flapperfashions .etsy.com- crocheted items and jewelry
fleamarketjunk.etsy.com - destash item suppies flea market goodies
flexney.etsy.com -  I make jewelry and hair goodies
FLnaturally.etsy.com - Florida flora and fauna photography prints.
flowerchildcreations.etsy.com - Organic airbrushed baby to adult clothing, yoga wear, and artworks.
flowerjewels.etsy.com - I sell Vintage kitchen items and vintage home decor items along with my handmade and vintage jewelry.
FlowerOfTheDead.etsy.com - the day of the dead, sugar skull
Flowerswithflare.etsy.com - Crochet hats, headbands, flowers, bags, and more
fluffstuffandpuff.etsy.com - My shop is a mixture of things. I say whimsical items for you and your home. I am an interior designer / home stager in my non etsy life. So I try to have things in my shop I love, create or upcycle.
FluroGlo.etsy.com - Alternative goth/rave/cybe club wear. Mainly specializing in UV reactive clothing and accessories.
flurrsprite.etsy.com - handbound books, jewelry, vintage, cards - would like soap and bags
flutterbyhannah.etsy.com - I make crocheted fashion accessories! Slouchy hats, infinity scarves, cowls, headbands.. even baby cowls. Would love to trade for fun stuff.
flynnorchard.etsy.com - Has Jams, Jellies, fruit butters, candies, cookies, bath and body.
FoggyMorningJewels.etsy.com - High end jewelry, sterling silver, gold, rhodium, and jewels/gems.
foogirl.etsy.com - Crazy Insanity - Handmade jewelry, I use anything that seems like fun. I have an odd addiction to braiding things (not sure why!). I just love what I do, and hope that others will enjoy it as well.
foolproofed.etsy.com - Trendy, high quality vintage clothing, jewelry, home decor and more!
FootprintDesigns.etsy.com - We are a sister team who make quality handmade hair accessories for our girls and ourselves
footprintsjewelry.etsy.com - Jewelry from the sea in glass and stone.
ForeverAfterBowtique.etsy.com - bowtique items
foreversew.etsy.com - Embroidery and diy kits
ForeverWanderlust.etsy.com - a collection of vintage treasures & dime store delights. Hunting for unique & trendy items is something I never tire of, & when they find a loving home- there is no better feeling!
forquiltssake.etsy.com - has unique quilted art. Looking for cotton quilting fabric, glass beads, stained glass and jewelry
FoundEspecially4You.etsy.com - vintage
Four20mooN.etsy.com - Tie Dyed Wearable Art & Custom Hippy Creations
Fourteen77.etsy.com - Heavily scented hand poured candles and personalized picture candles - beautiful, memorable presents for you or someone you care about.
fourtwentytwo.etsy.com - Fine Art: Drawings, Oil Paintings and Sculptures. Mixed Medium Drawings in Custom Handmade Frames
foxmalonegallery.etsy.com - contemporary realism and abstract paintings
FrawgzDezignz.etsy.com - Chainmaille, jewelry, photographic & fractal prints
freakyandfabulous.etsy.com - Unique eclectic jewelery without breaking the bank
FrecklePatchDesign.etsy.com - Handcrafted Jewelry and Art
FredGinger.etsy.com - an accessory shop that offers, vintage, couture, and whimsical inspired pieces.
freehippie.etsy.com - Bohemian Hippie Jewelry, Accessories and more!
freelion.etsy.com - Baby Blankets, Bags and More
freesoul.etsy.com - I make beadwork and love trades, thank you!
Frenchstyle1.etsy.com -  I sell fashion knitting and crocheting as well as custom made items. 
FreshOffTheVine.etsy.com - Handmade clothing and accessories for girls
friendlyfeathershop.etsy.com - Cruelty-free, natural and exotic plumes!
fripperie.etsy.com - patterns and sewing supplies
frogbowler.etsy.com - I sell, crocheted bears,baby booties,hair scrunchies,and my daughter makes the jewlery and plastic canvas
FroggyCreations.etsy.com - I sell gamer dice bags and resin jewelry
froggygirldesigns.etsy.com - Childrens Clothing, key fobs, burp cloths, rice bags, bibs and more
FromTheLookingGlass.etsy.com - My shop has an wide mix of products...everything from ceramic coastes, to treats for tea, to handmade bath products!
fromthesewingroom.etsy.com - bibs and Fabric Barn Stars
fromewetoyou.etsy.com - Ready to spin fiber, handspun and hand dyed yarn, knitted/woven items.
froschkind.etsy.com - prints of my collage illustrations
FrostingBridal.etsy.com - Custom designed Swarovski Crystal Bridal Jewelry
FrouFrou4YouYou.etsy.com - My shop features millinery, some very vintage, all feminine, with a few things of my own creation.
frozenwaterdesigns.etsy.com - my shop is mostly jewelry, with some steampunk underpinnings and a whole lot of total randomeness.
fujiirofae.etsy.com - Handmade, Japanese-inspired silk flower accessories for hair, and some jewelry
FullCircleQuirk.etsy.com - Hoola Hoops, Felt jewelry and Art
fullera – knitted items, destash supplies and vintage
FunBows.etsy.com - I sell fun and funky fleece hats, Cheerleading Hairbows and supplies.
funkyartsy.etsy.com - jewelry
FunkyGrooveCreations.etsy.com - Creates Unique & Exciting Bottle Cap Jewelry
Funnykindagirl.etsy.com - Uniquely Fun Ribbon Characters & Bows
FunnySideofLife.etsy.com - I sell photo props
FUNKYLAURA.etsy.com - fun things for the girl in us
funkyluke.etsy.com - spiritual art
fuzzysushi.etsy.com - Handmade accessories - hand knit and crocheted hats, headbands, hair clips, gloves and coffee sleeves for kids and adults
Fyrewerks.etsy.com - a magical collection of one of a kind art-paintings, drawings, sculptures, and more...inspired by the fantastical imagination.