Full List--L

laalicia.etsy.com - Eco Friendly Gifts Made from Recycled Materials
labarradulce.etsy.com - DIY PARTY KITS 
LaBottegadellaCerami.etsy.com - raft shops, art pottery: - Furnishings, - Items for the kitchen, - Gifts, - House numbers. Manufactures custom, unique, on demand.
LaBrocanteMagique.etsy.com - a vintage shop of books (mainly children)!
LaceysHouse.etsy.com-  A variety of classic style accessories for your hair. Jewellery, Home decor and more to come! (ps. I have another shop - Millalove, I put this so you can see I have been around and that my lack of feedback or sales is because this is a new shop :) ) 
LaClinique.etsy.com - jewelry
LaConchitaNaturals.etsy.com - Natural Skin Care, Beauty Products, Aromatherapy
LactivistEtsy.etsy.com - Organic Baby T-shirts and Shopping Bags with pro breastfeeding, cloth nappy and co sleeping slogans professionally hand screenprinted on to them.
lacurioshar.etsy.com - whimsical art prints, stationary, and trinkets
ladybugcall.etsy.com - i sell handmade jewery,domino,bottlecaps jewery
LadyBugCo.etsy.com - Handmade Greeting Cards, Painted Gifts, Scrapbooking Supplies
LadyJayd.etsy.com - My shop is mainly Color Chainmaille Jewelry. Chainmaille that is easy to handle with affordable prices.
LadyLyonsEmporium.etsy.com - my shop includes my hand made dolls, jewelry, and vinyl record art. i also resale vintage items including jewelry and accessories, aprons, etc.
ladymeshelle.etsy.com - My shop is made up of various crochet items...mainly Mohawk hats for the winter months and swimwear & dresses for the summer months. I'm always trying to find new facinating items to create and add....it is a work in progress.
ladypancake.etsy.com - Hand crafted jewelery for free spirits. Welcome to Lady Bird where free spirits find their visual voice. Here you will find beautiful and original pieces made with natural feathers, semi-precious stones, and wire. All my feather pieces are made with natural, hand selected feathers and hand wrapped in wire. Each one is different and no two will ever be alike. I specialize in feather jewelry and hand dye my feather extensions.
lafeecrochette.etsy.com - crochet items and patterns
Lafian.etsy.com - My shop includes handmade soaps, fine art prints, hand carved items and ATCs
LakeErieHarmony.etsy.com - I make jewelry of all sorts, gourd art and artwork! I try to delve into a little bit of everything.
lailee.etsy.com - Flirtatious, Free-Spirited, Fabulous jewelry
lajoliefemme.etsy.com - a jewelry shop - feminine with vintage appeal
lajuicybloom.etsy.com - Specialty Bath, Home & Spa Products
LaLa4U.etsy.com -  My shop includes hair accessories and crocheted items for newborns to adults. I do a lot of custom items as well.
LamiaEll.etsy.com - I sell mostly digital prints with dark gothic content and do any retouch or collage. thank you=) 
landmboutique.etsy.com - We are a boutique that offers items for boys and girls as well as gifts for adults and home decor. We offer crochet hats, bows, tutus, bow holders, piggy banks, dresses, shower gifts, gift baskets.
LanesCustomCreations.etsy.com - Lane's Custom Creations is a shop for children's clothing and accessories, striving to fulfill the needs of mom's for their children in a way that is both stylish and functional!
Lanyapi - I make new and repurposed vintage jewelry. Lovely necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more!
LAPaperDesigns.etsy.com - I make handmade paper goods like greeting cards for various events, office supplies and some origami
LaPerLaA.etsy.com - Treasury findings from the sea, mermaids sea tears jewerly, and more...
lapetitetoo.etsy.com - Vintage Jewelry, Ephemera, Supplies and "Fancy" Things
laplph99.etsy.com - I started out making tutus and hairbows for my little girl, but now it has evolved to pants, skirts, applique tops and more. I love etsy and all the unique items people have to offer.
LapofLuxury.etsy.com - provides beautiful handcrafted crochet items, but these are not your grandmother's doilies. Lap of Luxury has trendy, modern and fashionable designs from beanies to headbands for adult women, children and infants.
LaRueGateau.etsy.com -Hand-Painted Watercolor Jewelry
LaSavonnerieDuFleuve.etsy.com - Goat milk soaps unscented
LaSidera.etsy.com - Jewelry and Arts
LastAmericanHippies.etsy.com - I sell vintage items,troll dolls and clothing. I also make wood signs and loom knit hats
Laughatcha.etsy.com - Handcrafted one of a kind polymer clay treaures! Rings, Pendants, goddess's, Happy Monsterz Robots, and much more :)
laughingmooncreation.etsy.com  - I create hand made jewelry
LaughingPenguin.etsy.com  - specializes in bottle cap jewelry, along with crocheted hats and scarves (in season), amigurumi, and some sewn items. We're a mother-child team out of Wisconsin.
laurali.etsy.com  - Original paintings and fine art jewelry.
LaurasCraftCorner.etsy.com  - I have hand knit scarves, bath products, handmade cards, tags, journals, and more.
lauraw33.etsy.com - Cute, fun, and creative polymer clay charms and jewelry!!! <3
LaurelsArt.etsy.com  - I sell handmade clocks that have been created from upcycled vinyl records. I am also a printmaker and will occasionally have prints for sale.
laurelszoo.etsy.com  - Cute little things for cute little kids and cute little pets
Laurenski6.etsy.com -  My shop includes handcrafted jewelry and garden markers...
laurieryan.etsy.com  - Art in Nature Photographer
LavennzOsy.etsy.com  - Selling my lovely, warms and happy art & craft works!
LaVieilleLune.etsy.com - I make & sell Victorian style jewelry & accessories.
LaxBellaxMorte.etsy.com - My shop includes fangirl clothing, especially of the supernatural and sailormoon sort. And taxidermy jewelry as well as several other odds and ends.
Laycee.etsy.com  - A place to find upcycling and jewerly making materials.
LazerKat.etsy.com  - hand folded paper boxes and paper die cuts.
LazioGlass.etsy.com - My shop is filled with functional glass art, and some ceramics too!
LazyDayCottage.etsy.com- My shop includes vintage inspired tags, wedding wish tree tags, stickers, cupcake toppers and much more!  Anything to make your events, parties and gift giving super special!  
lbratt.etsy.com - My shop has mostly feminine accessories--earrings, necklaces, hair clips, scarves. Some of these things are for girls, some for women. I love to add a little pizazz to every outfit!
LDCraftSupplies.etsy.com  - craft supplies we all need and want
LDGeneralStore.etsy.com  - for everything handmade
LeahFelicity.etsy.com  - Elegant custom wedding invites, notecards, paintings, ACEOs, original artwork, and the occasional purse and plush; looking for clothing, steampunk jewelry, elegant silver jewelry, geekery, gifts for friends
LeahLaniSkinCare.etsy.com - I am a holistic esthetician and I make a beautiful line of natural skincare, all hand blended with aloha <3
leahmarjorie.etsy.com  - I sell custom made, hand quilted covers for books, Bibles, and journals.
leannshairbows.etsy.com  - hair bows and more
Leapkahian.etsy.com  - Hair accessories for girls
LeavesOnTheWind.etsy.com -  I sell divination readings (tarot and oracle) as well as beadwork. I have had nature photography and crochet items in the past and expect to again in the future.
LebelleBoutique.etsy.com  - specializes in girl's accessories: stacked hair bows, dresses, tutus, etc.
LeChicBakeryBoutique.etsy.com  - Tea Party, Baby Shower,Bridal Shower,Bridal Tea,Birthday, Holiday and Seasonal themed,gourmet baked goods,molded sugars,cinnamon sugar sticks,fondant toppers,cupcakes,cookies, and favors.
LeeBeeDees.etsy.com - I sell crocheted hats and other items. I'm really looking to trade with some photographers to show off my items better.
leeloostudio.etsy.com - interested in precious metal jewelry, fiber, clothing, furniture, and 2D and 3D art.
LeeLuCreations.etsy.com - Fun Jewelry, Bookmarks, Hair Bobbies
LeeShayGraphics.etsy.com - graphic design
Leeya.etsy.com - Lovely handcrafted jewelry and organza flower accesories
leighi123.etsy.com - I make baby and kids items, mostly customs. All kinds of different things. I can also sew just about anything, and I have leftover fabric I can trade. There isn't much in my shop right now because I mostly do custom orders, but if you want the link to my photobucket with hundreds of examples of my work, let me know!
LeilasLoft.etsy.com - Hand Painted Drawer Knobs and Switch Plates
leisab.etsy.com - Handmade Aluminum Wire Jewelry & Accessories
Lelikat.etsy.com - Lelikat began as a little shop of handmade and vintage items. However, after discovering the art of needle felting, my shop is now primarily hand made items. I am especially fond of needle felting eyes. It seems that many others share my fascination with eyes because I now have a small fan base who inspire me and fill my heart with gratitude!
LemonberryStudios.etsy.com - specializes in inspirational jewelry designs.
lemondropbay.etsy.com - Fun items created with the simplicity and splendor of childhood innocence.
LemonLaneOrganics.etsy.com - all about organic baby accessories hand crocheted with love and timeless style.
lemontreestudio.etsy.com - unique cards and paper goods, looking for baby girl items
lempislinens.etsy.com - vintage linens and patterns
lepetitboutique.etsy.com - Handmade educational toys, felt play food, arts and crafts supplies, and other products for children.
lepetitreve.etsy.com - items for baby
LerinPhotography.etsy.com -  I do product-for-image trades for any newborn, infant, and children's items. I provide product photography modeled on adorable little ones (or in the case of toys, with little ones playing with them) in exchange for keeping the items I photograph.
LesCreationsdAna.etsy.com - I make jewelry -that I would qualify of modern and minimalist- out of recycled vinyl records as well as fine silver. I am open to trading, do not hesitate to contact me. Cheers!
LesDelicesdEmilie.etsy.com - Handmade jewelry & accessories inspired by French 'Pâtisseries'.
LesleyJean.etsy.com - I sell vintage clothing, housewares, intimate apparel, jewelry, accessories, and upcycled vintage earrings for stretched ears. I'm a nice girl. I wanna trade. :)
letsgoback2great.etsy.com - Variations of Vintage with original items to come.
LetterKay.etsy.com - devoted to my unique vintage finds and handmade items. I am an artist and love to create lots of different items. You'll find all kinds of vintage items, handmade stationery, hand-carved rubber stamps and much more in my shop
LetterKayDesigns.etsy.com - graphic design work
LettersFromElise.etsy.com - offers custom blank photo cards for all occasions. Something fun and functional straight from Austin, Texas.
lexismonkey.etsy.com -  I sell and love vintage clothing shoes and accessories, and I also have tons of supplies including vintage fabrics, new fabrics, notions and other supplies.
LeynaLightman.etsy.com - Lace Jewelry
ldobbin.etsy.com – looking for wool or mohair
liadarling.etsy.com - Vintage & upcycled clothing, accessories, jewelry,
LiaLane.etsy.com - Beeswaxed Folk Art
LibbySweets.etsy.com - My shop features vintage fashion and housewares
lieblich.etsy.com - charming vintage ephemera.
LifeCraftsWhatever.etsy.com - headbands and pillows
lifeissobeautiful.etsy.com - I make custom handmade Moss Monogram Initials. Most commonly used for Wedding decorations - they double as really beautiful decorations for your front doors, or hung in your home. I also create hand stamped cotton bags, these are perfect for baby showers, gift giving, or just because they are so darn cute!!
LightShineStudios.etsy.com - My shop currently carries handmade jewelry, but I will be adding some of my artwork.
LikeaMirror.etsy.com - The art ranges in mediums from- painting, colored pencil, pastel, water color. I am still expanding the collection.
lilabelledesign.etsy.com - I create jewelery using semi precious gemstones, swarovski crystal, pearls, designer glass and much much more. I love experimenting with colour and incorporating different techniques e.g sewing, weaving etc. My work includes many bridal pieces and I am available for custom orders, if you have any specific requests just let me know.
LilandLou.etsy.com - vintage
LilasLocker.etsy.com - Sewn Items for Momma and Baby!
lilbabybumble.etsy.com - high quality milestone stickers and more for wee little ones clothing.
LilBitSassy.etsy.com - I sell a variety of items for babys & children as well as purses and accesssories.
LilBlondiesBowtique.etsy.com - I sell really cute hair bows for any ages of of girls. I make all different colors of bows and all of my bows are heat sealed and attached to an alligator clip.
LilDoodlers.etsy.com - Hand-poured crayons for kids of all ages!
lilikoidesigner.etsy.com - Unique handmade jewelry
LillianGeorge.etsy.com - clothing & gifts for babies & children
LillibellaRios.etsy.com - My shop is a mixture hair accessory's and unique weird and vintage items.
lillith.etsy.com - Fine Art Photography
LillyanLou.etsy.com - I sell accessories for women, teens, & children ranging from hair clips and headbands to onesies. I also specialize in vintage chic accessories using vintage pieces of jewelry.
lilmisspolkadot.etsy.com - Kids Wall Art, Preserved Kids Drawings ( Keepsake Kids Art ) , jewels, Soft toys and dolls, taggie blankies, accessories, gifts, All Occasions Banners & garlands , Kids room-nursery decoration, Handpainted Picture frames/mirrors etc. CUSTOM orders too !
LilPeacock.etsy.com - Simple, yet elegant leathercraft designs for you and your home.
lilsproutknits.etsy.com - Handmade kids accessories and toys.. and then some
lilysbydesign.etsy.com - A Gothic, Halloween Inspired shop which makes unique candles with a twist. I also feature steampunk items and gothic jewelry. But for the lighter side I have items that are beautiful and non gothic at all.
LilyThreads.etsy.com - I sell handmade bags, pillowcases, table runners, and a variety of other things. I have baby/children items too. All of the fabrics I purchase for my items are 100% high-quality cotton and picked for your liking. I can do custom orders for items in my shop and for something I don't have in my shop.
LindaEve.etsy.com - Bags, totes, wallets, and other handmade goodies mostly made from repurposed textiles
lindarwilliams3.etsy.com - I create fabric lapel and hair flowers in all colors and special orders ...as well as flip-flop flower clips and handmade clutch purses with magic closure. All with repurposed fabric. I enjoy sharing ideas for generating sales at flea markets, boutiques and craft fairs.
LindsayLouCreations.etsy.com - Handmade crocheted and knitting items consisting of accessories for you and your home.
LindsayMareeJewelry.etsy.com - My shop features jewelry that I make myself, one of a kind and handmade. I only make jewelry that I would personally wear, and feature hypoallergenic earrings for others who have nickle allergies, like myself.
LindsaysWhimsiesTutu.etsy.com - Tutus, Headbands, Clips
lindydesigns.etsy.com - semi precious gemstone jewelry with sterling silver and gold filled wire
LinketJewelryDesign.etsy.com - Hand designed jewelry.
linneaheide.etsy.com - original abstract paintings + modern art + home decor
Lintschi.etsy.com - Scarves, pouches, shopping bags, totes, shoulder bags lisadonnelly - I focus on using all-natural materials, such as hemp and wooden beads, to create jewelry that is eco-friendly and affordable.
lippybrand.etsy.com - Baby blankets, gowns, pacifier clips, hats
LiquidBrick.etsy.com -In my shop you will find original art and fine prints, a lot of whimsy, birds, girls, and some serious stuff like botanical art.
lisahodges.etsy.com - I make dichroic and art glass jewelry. Also, recycled glass trays, coasters, and dichroic wine glass charms.
lisajhoney.etsy.com - Felt food and patterns
lisajhoneydesigns.etsy.com - jewelry and hair accessories
lisbonsky.etsy.com - I have eclectic / funky jewelry and accessories. I'm looking for: wall decals; amigurumi; felt items (balls, bowls, brooches, purses, etc); chunky knitted purses / neck wrap / cozies; cute purses; funky graphic design / stationery / tags / cards; semi precious stones; detash and crocheted flowers. Sorry – I'm not really looking for food, flowers, baby stuff, candles, toys, body/beauty products. I'm also picky when it comes jewelry too as I make my own. Thanks :)
littlealleycatdesign.etsy.com - Etsy Banners, Business Cards, Graphic Design
LittleBearsMom.etsy.com - Modern Handmade Artisan Jewelry from Canada
littlecherylcrochet.etsy.com - Littlecherylcrochet is where you can find a variety of crochet items, it will also have sewing available in the future
LittleFairyCult.etsy.com - polymer clay pendants and jewellery
littlebitfunky.etsy.com - kids stuff, baby stuff, bags, housewares and more
littledande.etsy.com - gifts for the ladies, babies & home
littledebsdresses.etsy.com - My shop consists of custom made girls dresses and boys tees. Special order Mom and Dad sizes, too.
LittleDovesSupplies.etsy.com - My shop sells both commercial and handmade supplies. I hope one day there will be something for everyone!
LittleEdenStudio.etsy.com - kids and baby announcements showers invitations
littlefarm.etsy.com - fine art, jewlery, and repurposed clothing.
LittleFishSupplies.etsy.com - Destash Supplies- Beads and more
littlegoatsoaps.etsy.com - My shop sells handcrafted goat milk soaps that are paraben, phthalate & detergent free.
LittleHatchlings.etsy.com - We specialize in fine handcrafted and handmade hair accessories, hairbands, hair clips, hair bows, for babies, infants, toddlers, girls, and moms too! We also make custom hair accessories for every special event (Weddings, Baptisms, Photo shoots, etc.).
LittleLake.etsy.com - supply trade shop. I'll be listing fabrics, beads, patterns and other crafting supplies.
LittleLeafBoutique.etsy.com - Little Leaf Boutique sells high quality recycled wool clothing and cloth diaper covers for babies and young children
littlelizardking.etsy.com - PDF sewing patterns for children's clothing
littlemama86.etsy.com - everything from burp clothes to bows!
littlemamas.etsy.com - We sell organizers and gifts for children and doggies
littlemisscherie.etsy.com - I create beautiful, french inspired flowers. You can clip them in your hair, blazer, purse, hat. . . the options are endless!
LittleMissCreate.etsy.com - Mostly necklaces and christmas items for now
littlemissykate.etsy.com - Fun affordable jewelry and accessories
littlemonsterhugs.etsy.com - Party supplies, commercial and handmade. littlenecks - I make doll accessories, mainly jewelry for bjds, Blythes, Pullips and Dals and take custom orders too.
littlepinkplum.etsy.com - Pocket mirrors, magnets, fun accessories and jewelry.
LittlePrettiesByCara.etsy.com - Little Pretties makes fun and colorful vintage-inspired jewelry and accessories.
LittlePrincessDesign.etsy.com - I have tutus, tutu dresses, headbands, flip flops, hair bows, wipe cases, flip flops and much more
LittleProvence.etsy.com - handmade silver and gold jewelry, mostly vintage inspired and french inspired.
littlepumuckl.etsy.com - Jewelry supplies, mostly brass, chain, vintage
littlerae53.etsy.com - I make custom purses,totes,bags,pillows. I work mainly with wool,vintage fabric,buttons..and lots of yarns
littlestboutique - specializes in wedding hair accessories with a vintage twist. Rhinestones, satin and chiffon are some of my favorite materials to work with. All flowers can be made on a clip, comb, satin headband, bobby pin, brooch, bridal sash or shoe clips. Just ask!
LittleSidekick.etsy.com - handmade wearables, toys and gifts for babies; hats, plush toys, bibs and clothing
LittleSonrisa.etsy.com - I sell whimsical, ugly cute, prints.
LittleTadpoleDesigns.etsy.com - My shop is a variety of items for babies and kids and I'm always adding and developing new designs!
LittleWeeShop.etsy.com - Unique non-frilly wedding ring pillows and wedding decor. Trees & wood  my materials of choice & inspiration comes from walks on my beach.
littlexbekahxbug.etsy.com - My shop mostly includes hand knitted items, particularly fingerless gloves and hairbows. I love bright colors and fun buttons, and am always open to custom creations of your own favorite colors! I am learning new knitting everyday, so will definitely be expanding my items soon!
live2climb.etsy.com - fun eclectic handmade jewelry
liveupcycled.etsy.com -  I'm new to etsy, but I'm selling headbands.
LiveLoveCraft.etsy.com - Upcycled/recycled/shaped crayons
LiveTeachCreate.etsy.com - Scrapbooking Supplies
LivingTreeDesigns.etsy.com - Dumpster dove materials turned into eco-friendly, upcycled clothing and gifts!
LivingVintage.etsy.com - LivingVintage offers lovely, well made and preserved treasures of the past.
livjewellery.etsy.com - I sell feminine, romantic jewellery handcrafted with gemstones, pearls, sterling silver and gold.
LivvyLousboutique.etsy.com - Hair accessories and more for little ones on up to adults!
livvysue.etsy.com - Clothes for babies and toddlers featuring kimonos, bloomers, skirts, and tops.
lizglowark.etsy.com - Graphic Designs for your Etsy and more!
lizmmoran.etsy.com - Fine art, mixed media, jewelry
lizplummer.etsy.com - has textile art
LizsRibbonShoppe.etsy.com - I have a wide variety of items in my shop. I embroider, monogram, and also do custom invitations. I specialize in baby items. I look forward to trading with you all soon!
lizziebeethings.etsy.com - accessories for you and your furry friend - Mostly collars for cats and dogs
lizzyt.etsy.com - has Bright and Beautiful Jewellery and Accessories
ljctree.etsy.com - my shop features ooak jewelry from simple to steampunk , as well as some lovely handmade soaps and bath items
LJewelryDesign.etsy.com - I have a jewelry etsy shop
Ljubezenbrew.etsy.com - Hand crafted fabric rosette accessories and bouquets!
lladybuggz.etsy.com - contains vintage inspired, whimsical prints. I also sell vintage items from time to time.
lmdalton.etsy.com - has travel kitties and zines!
lmgdesign.etsy.com - Art and Beaded Adornments
LoCoGnome.etsy.com - I create things out of upcycled clothes. My main focus is making cloth diaper covers from wool but I also have fun making cute pillows from sweaters and comfy tee shirts.
lofficinadelsorriso - has vintage, handmade accessories, upcycled and recycled jewelry
logoandbranding4U.etsy.com -A graphic design shop that sells banner and avatars and many other graphic design items
Lollydollops.etsy.com - My shop is a collection of handmade bags and accessories. I currently have wristlet/clutches, key chain change purses, key fobs, and some seasonal items.
LouiseFelice.etsy.com - I am changing direction so all my childrens clothes are available for trade for fabric
lolosgarden.etsy.com - jewelry
lolyttedesigns.etsy.com - knitwear for women and young children
Londonletterbox.etsy.com- Fine art photography of London with Alphabet Art for children's rooms and nurseries
loobielabels.etsy.com - My shop sells custom candy bar labels, bottled water labels, small personalized gifts, favor tags, photo Hershey kisses, custom wedding/shower/baby/party favors, photo candles (soon to come, hopefully this weekend) and just about any size/style of custom label you can think of. If it sits still long enough for me to measure it, I can probably make a label for it. lol
LookingGlassJewels.etsy.com - Handmade jewelry, supplies, hair bling, and miscellany!
LookingGlassSelf.etsy.com - I make contemporary stained glass mosaic pieces....mainly functional home accents.
lopamudrahomedecor.etsy.com - hand embroidered home furnishings .. all my designs can be customised to any color ,, size or design ,,,
LoraLuna.etsy.com - My shop is a knit/crochet apparel and accessory store.
Loreesjewelrybox.etsy.com - My shop is a combination beaded jewely and jewelry making supplies. My designs have a fun down to earth feel, lots of color and desgns. My destash jewelry supplies are beads that I love but am looking to rehome because I haven't been able to bring them to their full potential.
lorenacatalanimorata.etsy.com - peacock feather earrings and necklaces, cute felt brooches, soda tab purses, as well as other assorted jewelry.
LorenzoMele.etsy.com - vintage jewelry, crafts and recycled supplies
loriforney.etsy.com - I love to recycle jeans and other wonderful fabrics. Turning them into OOak gifts adds joy to my life.
Loririis.etsy.com - embellished Horseshoes,Belt Buckles and Candles.
lorizav.etsy.com - Jewelry and handmade soaps plus other novelties
lostaloha.etsy.com - I made tropical, beaded hair flowers and island-style jewelry
lostcabin.etsy.com - Various gifts for everyone
LostPemberlyDesigns.etsy.com - My shop is for special occasion accessories (weddings, prom, etc). I have crystal sashes and headbands, garters, veils, bouquet wraps, bracelets, and I'm always adding new things.
lostsentiments.etsy.com - knits, crochets and other handmade goodies for the family and home
lotusflowerherbals.etsy.com - Aromatherapy and Herbal Wellness
LoudMouse.etsy.com - items for family and home
louisebeecham.etsy.com - A shop full of handcrafted vitage inspired jewelry And Whimsical & fine art photography for all to enjoy.
louisiana1966.etsy.com - I make bags,pillows and plushies,journals and pencil cups,etc.Everything is made with almost 100% recycled/upcycled materials and is ecofriendly.
Loustudio.etsy.com - handmade greeting cards, tags, scrapbook supplies
love2embellish.etsy.com - Altered clipboards, altered journals, altered paint cans, treat bags, Christmas gift items, teachers gifts, altered pot it holders, assorted thank you cards, altered boxes, paper stash, mini books, mini journals, die cuts assorted scrapbooking supplies, stamps and tags. Everything is up for trading in my store. I am looking for anything for gifts!
love2sew.etsy.com - bags, clothing, doll clothes
lovealwaysxox.etsy.com - Baby onesies, cards and tagsets for all occasions and more!
Loved2PiecesHairbows.etsy.com - homemade hair accessories. We strive to create unique high quality hair accessories at great prices! Each Piece is handcrafted and suitable for all ages!
LoveElizabeth.etsy.com - vintage goods, illustrations, botanical prints, flower prints,clothing patterns, children's illustration, misc. vintage items, as I can list them, have lots of vintage items just need time to list, lots of luggage,jewelry, etc.
Lovejewelrydesigns.etsy.com - Handcrafted Silver and Beaded Jewelry
LoveJewelryByJ.etsy.com - my shop sells wire wrapped jewelry handmade by me! using semi-precious stones, sterling silver, argentium silver and gold filled components
LoveKnots4Baby.etsy.com - My shop is a mix of women's and children's accessories such as infinity scarves, cowls, fabric pins, hats, purses and bags. My inventory changes seasonally, and sometimes includes "wild cards" that you wouldn't expect, but serve to nurture my creative spirit!
LoveLettersByDina.etsy.com - Folk inspired letters & symbols, designed and handpainted by me - Dina Argov, a visual artist who gets inspired all the time! I have letter magnets, and soon will make and list signs for home, greeting cards and other goods. I am working with oil pastels, paint, paper, imagination, camera & computer.
lovelyandamazing.etsy.com - Handmade Jewelry and Vintage Treasures
LovelyBertie.etsy.com -  I make custom wedding cake toppers from polymer clay and various bits and bobs!
lovelylittlegems.etsy.com - top-quality gemstone beads to other jewellery designers.
LoveMomBoutique.etsy.com - handmade unique hair accessories, tutus, bottle cap accessories, nursing covers and much more.
lovemyskinsoaps.etsy.com - I have a body care shop - soaps, lotions, creams, gift baskets, sets for mind and body. My specialty is fresh custom-made creams which are adjusted to YOUR SKIN needs. 
LoveNandA.etsy.com - a husband and wife photography team. We are passionate about nature, so many of our photos are nature-themed.
LoveBowtique.etsy.com -  My shop is handcrafted one of a kind bows for babies, toddlers, and adults alike for any occasion!
loveseptember.etsy.com - Looking for baby stuff, purses, accessories for me, no jewelry please! :)
lovesoapapilla.etsy.com - a line of natural, handcrafted soaps and body products. Each item is whimsically created using high-quality, gentle, natural ingredients.
lovevivion.etsy.com - My store includes vintage fashion and household items
LovingLorelei.etsy.com - Bows, Tutus, Clips, and More
lrobinson.etsy.com - i sell vintage goods as well as handmade items of all kinds. my items are quirky and heartfelt. i love color and to use unusual materials and to mix "high" and "low" in my shop. take a look!
LTcustomBeading.etsy.com - I love beading. I mostly use anything earthy looking,semi-precious beads are my favorite material. I make custom pieces for any occasion. My style is what I call classy funk with a coastal tribal feel.
LTphotographs.etsy.com - I love taking pictures and the photographs in my shop reflect the way I see the world. Most of the photographs are simple and focus on shapes, outlines, and invite you to look further at the subtle nuances of texture and subject. I love when I can look at a photograph and discover new things each time.
ltuarchangel.etsy.com - plantable cards, beaded jewlery,
lucie39.etsy.com - make jewelry~mostly rings will be adding earrings & more
luckedog.etsy.com - vintage & collectibles
LuckyDawgLLC.etsy.com - We make quality, all natural, human grade treats and supplements for your canine kids!
luckyfreebird77.etsy.com - Custom shirts, art and accessories
LuckySparrowJewelry.etsy.com - One of a kind handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more!
LuckyYouStudio.etsy.com - Hand-sculpted polymer clay jewelry, sculptures
LucyCl.etsy.com - I design and sell jewelry which specializes in gemstones, pearls, shells and other natural materials. I also sell supplies.
lucymoonglow.etsy.com - luscious beads for jewelers, fiber goodies
luellabird.etsy.com - specializes in creating affordable unique handmade jewelry for any day or occasion. All products are made with care in a smoke-free and dog friendly home. A variety of pieces are one of a kind, and may have vintage pieces or touches added to them.
LuisaMaria.etsy.com - I make felt dolls, organza flowers, and a confetti of high heels shoes, I also made tile necklaces.
LullabyBirds.etsy.com - We are a Vintage Inspired Boutique. That makes mostly Vintage Inspired Baby Items, but not limited to. We specialize in Bonnets, Children's Clothing and hair accessories.
lululiilii.etsy.com - my shop is an accumulation of cosplay goth club and burlesque style accessories. I specialize in yarn style dread falls but am surly not limited to.
lunaticpandoraxd - My shop contains wonderful vintage Japanese and Asian items as well as lovely old shabby and chippy goodies.
LushDeluxe.etsy.com - Sea glass for all your crafting needs
luvmymonkeys.etsy.com - Crocheted items, bath and beauty, photos and more
LuvSalina.etsy.com - 
luxeloft.etsy.com - a modern and contemporary wall decal shop. My shop includes anything from phrases and quotes to animal-shaped decals. I love making custom decals, too!
LuxiBloom.etsy.com - 
Lyn4078.etsy.com - I have a soap shop on etsy and plan once photos are completed to add candles and melts to the range. I am in Australia but keen to swap where ever
lynays.etsy.com - a wholesale glass pendant supplier. Occasionally we put up our art and favorite vintage items too.
LynBDesigns.etsy.com - I sell perfume oils, solid perfumes, lip balms, jewelry, gemstones, and photography. It's kind of a mixed bag, but I love my little store.
LynnsVintageShop.etsy.com - Lynn's Vintage Shop is my little way of bringing new life & love to vintage pieces.
lynsi.etsy.com - Original Art, Jewelry & Wearable Art
lysalleycat.etsy.com - 40 years of jewelry making, lots of styles and different medias, stones, kiln work, torch work, silver, beach glass and naturalmaterials and upcycled elements
Lysbacreations.etsy.com - I make jewelry, hand screenprinted shirts, fused glass, lampwork beads and sell supplies.