Full List-Numerical

0namesleft.etsy.com - has sewn bags and more!
12Step.etsy.com - Nature and Landscape Photography.
1buddie2000.etsy.com - a collection of vintage finds.
1eggman.etsy.com - hand carved egg shells and dreamcatchers
1HandWashesTheOther.etsy.com - I make vegan-friendly bath&body products
1thirteen.etsy.com - Handmade Jewelry and Accessories
2fillesdunord.etsy.com - I make eclectic jewelry, accessories and found object art from vintage upcycled parts and natural stones. I mostly work with vintage buttons. I love that they tell a story and dream of what they've seen and where they've been... Some of the buttons in my collection are over 60 years old! Some don't even look like buttons and turn into beautiful statement pieces. I also like to work with natural products such as stones (jasper, turquoise, rhodonite) but always in a funky non-tradition way. Birch and pine bark are my most recent creative outlets and they have been made into gorgeous wilderness-inspired pieces.
2peasboutique.etsy.com - unique hair accessories. I started out making infant and toddler items and have branched out to include items for teens and women!
2trUe.etsy.com - I hand sew colorful and fun wide fabric headbands that can be used for anything from style to workouts. :)
31Summers.etsy.com - Fabric, Wire and Beads OH MY!
32minus6.etsy.com - Make crystal stretch rings and bracelets.
3DeesPlace.etsy.com - I sell mainly crochet items but will be adding other crafts soon.
3GiraffesInc.etsy.com - I create clothing, jewelry, and hair accessories using mostly items that were previously loved to make something beautifully new. I have been sewing 17+ and I am a stickler for details.
3LittleMonkeysStudio.etsy.com - custom photo invitations, printable parties, banners, party circles and more. Pirates, monsters, superheroes, bumblebees, rainbows and more can be found in my shop. Custom orders are gladly accepted!
3sevens.etsy.com - I make ceramic heads
3sweetpeasjewelry.etsy.com - Hand Stamped and personalized jewelry and accessories
4EweDesigns.etsy.com - where unloved wool sweaters are given new life as cuddly soft toys and accessories.
4hornsheep.etsy.com - consists of dyed and natural Jacob Sheep wool and products relating to them.
4mythreemonkeys.etsy.com - My shop is a good mix of everything. I am mainly focusing on tulle wands (sold in bulk or singles), bridal flip flops and fashion flip flops. I also sell Car's pit passes and Drivers licenses for birthday parties. I am always adding new things.
4seasonsemb.etsy.com - Embroidery
4uidzne.etsy.com - My shop consists of hand-embroidered & beaded jewelry. Often 1-2 beads at a time are stitched to a base. All pieces are original designs.
503starbright.etsy.com - Reusing and Recycling primarily salvage materials and old, "unloved" items, I produce clothing and bags for myself and the people I am close to, and to sell.
56oh4n.etsy.com - crochet, textile, paper. Olio of items from themed hats to paper supplies. Everchanging niche-less shoppe.
5chancesstore.etsy.com - I make cold and hot processed soap,colognes,perfumes,bath salts,face and body creams,lotions,milk baths,sachets for the home and car,other items that I make on my sewing machine,lingerie,adult items,hair creams and oils,insect repeller soaps,oils and skin balms,natural deodorants,tooth powder and a lot more items, some that have been listd and many more that need to be listed. I enjoy selling and I love to barter/trade when I can.
5erg.etsy.com - felt dolls, art card paintings and some jewelry.
5thseason.etsy.com - I refashion old discarded clothing and textile into functional everyday products like bags. I will be expanding my product line to home products (tablecloths; place mats; coasters; clocks).
6catsart.etsy.com - Original watercolor paintings of flowers, birds, wildlife, landscapes and more.
72studios.etsy.com - My shop is handmade jewelry and vintage, antique jewelry or hair accessories for sale!
808PoshnPinkBowtique.etsy.com - I cater to Mommy and Me crowd, with sections for Ladies and Girls jewelry, Hairbows and Headbands, Clothing & Slippers etc.... I also have subcatergories in Scents, Air freshners and Novelty items.
83sweets.etsy.com -  I make all types of delicious, natural baked goods, candies, hot cocoa. 
8BitDreams.etsy.com - My shop items range from Comic book wallets, to sugar starfish hair clips! I also like to create retro perler bead art, using nintendo games for inspiration!