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NadiaNajjar.etsy.com - Dedicated to owls. Handmade knit and fabric owlie and owlets. Cute little knick-knack items for a bed, table or shelf.
nakedelements.etsy.com- Natural, organic cosmetics
Nakkashe.etsy.com -  handmade items , hand crochet, hand embroidery
NAKPUNAR.etsy.com- I sell Sewing notions like Emery Sand, Emery Pincushion, Vintage ribbons, Fabric Covered Buttons, DMC Perle Threads.
NamesOnRice.etsy.com- I write on a grain of rice and seal it inside a tiny bottle to make personalized jewelry and key chains.
NameThatCandy.etsy.com- Crochet Items, Vintage Crochet and Knitting Patterns, Japanese Craft Books and Mineral Makeup
nancycreations.etsy.com- sterling silver and other precious metal jewelry
Nannyems.etsy.com- fun and funky collage art, prints, and cards.
NapaHomestead.etsy.com- My shop relates to vino, tea, and wine country living.
Naps.etsy.com - Primarily a soap shop on Etsy, I'm also a mixed media and assemblage artists, so I often times have unusual supplies available for trade.
nastershum.etsy.com- Upcycled Children's Clothing and Accessories
natashaaloha.etsy.com - Hawaiian handmade jewelry and accessories. I also do lots of custom orders too.

natbears.etsy.com- Cute bears and polymer clay items.

NatesMommyMadeIt.etsy.com- Children's loveys and cuddlies
NatesMommyMadeit2.etsy.com - Eco-friendly items for home and family

nativebeads.etsy.com- selling beads, books, beadwork, jewelry, kits and gourd art
NativeStyleBeadery.etsy.com -  I am a jewelery designer specializing in intricate beadweaving techniques that are reflective of Iroquois, Masai, Gypsy, East Indian, Zulu, French, and other Indigenous bead work. I create beaded adornments such as beaded crowns, circlets, masks, barefoot sandals, earcuffs and much more. I love making custom orders for your wedding, vacations, performance costumes and much more. All of my beadwork is made with love and positivity!!! 

NaturalHarmonyJD.etsy.com- Handmade jewelry
NaturallyHandcrafted.etsy.com - I sell all natural handmade soap that is excellent for your skin.

NatureAngels.etsy.com- I make handmade jewelry and upcycled/handpainted dayplanner/journals and handbags. I also carry vintage handbags, paper goods and destash supplies!

NatureAngelsToo.etsy.com- one-of-a-kind mixed media collages, upcycled journals/photo albums, paper goodies, supplies and patterns.

naturescorner.etsy.com- I currently have pysanky eggs and vintage items.

Naturesweetie.etsy.com- Plush creatures, felt play food, postcards, envelopes, anything I can make out of reclaimed and recycled fabrics and materials.

ncfox527.etsy.com- handcraft bath & body products including soaps, bath melts, lotions, scrubs & more.

ndnchick.etsy.com- has native american beadwork, cards and jewelry
nearerthemoon.etsy.com - My shop sells luxury lingerie designed and handmade for all women. Items are made to order to whatever size you wish and all ribbon colours can be customised to your choice.

NedjmaBazaar.etsy.com- I make things and also sell supplies and vintage items that are inspired by culture and nature. jewelry, home decor, beads, fabric, paper, etc.

needlings.etsy.com- Plush Art and Eco-Friendly Felt Accessories
neely1974.etsy.com - i make adult and child beanies. We are a Waldorf family and love natural handmade items. peace

neeneegurl.etsy.com- currently in kewpie art doll and decorative wire tree mood

NejEiram.etsy.com- vintage

NellieCorrine.etsy.com- Handmade Home Decor and Paper crafts

neraidodhmiourgies.etsy.com- jewelry creations and supplies

NestofManyColors.etsy.com- We make hair bows, hair clips, bow holders, and tutus. We use bright colors, have fun making one of a kind items, and love custom orders!
NeverEndingSummer.etsy.com - 

Nevertoomuchglitter.etsy.com- offering unique Japanese-style nail art from Tokyo to all over the world!

newmansgirl.etsy.com- Flower hair clips and shoe clips, scrapbooking accessories, hair accessories

NewThingDesigns.etsy.com- With New Thing Designs, I strive to make jewelry that is elegant, simple and beautiful. Simple enough to wear with any thing you throw on, Elegant enough to dress up that special outfit and beautiful to go with anything you choose!

newyorkglitter.etsy.com- has jewelry and hair accessories for women and children. I am up for trades for about anything. Just convo if interested.

nhquiltarts.etsy.com- I make heirloom quality quilts and wall hangings. New lines include quilted table runners, wrist art and potholders.

niblet.etsy.com- a collection of hand crocheted accessories and gifts.
nicherndesigns.etsy.com - handmade bags and accessories

nicholetopley.etsy.com- Right now I have mostly hand painted polymer clay decorative sculptures which run along the lines of creatures and monsters.There are also some origami earrings, creature earrings, and blank note cards of some of my creatures.
nicilyn.etsy.com - Repurposed and Upcycled Items
nickeldesign.etsy.com - My passion is to celebrate life creatively. I love all kinds of art, but my favorite kind to create are invitations to events that involve love, life, and family. To me, an invitation not only sets the mood for the event, but it is a warm welcome into someone's life.

nickollette113.etsy.com- specializes in handcrafted jewelry. Most jewelry involves beads and beadwork.

NicoleHannaJewelry.etsy.com-I make and sell wire wrap jewelry using a variety of wire types and colors, beads, crystals, cabochons and found items. My design is intricate and elegant and suitable for all ages and tastes.

NICSNICHE.etsy.com- Vintage Gift Shop

NightOwlMarket.etsy.com- Pendleton and leather native-inspired purses, possibles bags and more

nikkicandles.etsy.com- Candles, Bath and Body, Perfume Body Oils and more

nikkimichele.etsy.com- Jewelery

nikkisuniques.etsy.com- Creative bamboo necklaces and pendants

Ninnymuggin.etsy.com- gauged earrings, resin jewelry

nikkisuniques.etsy.com- I love creating One of a Kind Custom Jewelry, Collecting Vintage Jewelry, and Designing "Recycled" Jewelry!

nitelily3.etsy.com- small pouches, wallets, totes, wristlets and more
nkovachev.etsy.com - HK.nives-Handmade Knives, Art Jewelry, Miniatures,Woodworks, Accessories and crafts

noahbear1.etsy.com- Custom handmade jewelry ranging form memorial, patriotic, beaded and stamped metals to earrings, necklaces and key chains.

nobownogo.etsy.com- Hair Bow Instructions and tools
nodsu.etsy.com - I make and sell unique and fun items, a lot of needle felted miniatures and ugly cute style things. 

noempire.etsy.com- ceramic wall hangings / home decor for adults, kids and babies
nolabeadart.etsy.com - I create household items and art out of recycled mardi gras beads. 

Nomsa.etsy.com- jewelry, knits and more

noneoftheabove.etsy.com- pendants and earrings
NoopysSoapandCandles.etsy.com -  I made hand made soaps, balms, butters, bath salts, Soy Wax Candle Melts/Tarts Triple Scented and Quad-Scented! Very hot sellers.
norcalartglass.etsy.com -  My shop sells primarily fused glass art including fused glass clocks, recycled wine bottles, and fused glass jewelry.
NorthEndThreads.etsy.com - Bike bags for women - take your crossbody bag with you while you ride to town then lock up your bike and remove the bag. Take your belongings with you when you shop.

NorthernAdornments.etsy.com- Handmade Chainmaille, Viking knitting, Wire and Beadwork.

northwykecreations.etsy.com- I make steampunk and clockwork jewelry from antique watch parts using precious metals and stones, and enjoy making custom orders.

NostalgiaGems.etsy.com- Nostalgia Gemstone Collections Aplace where Nostalgia and Gemstones meet !

nostoneturned.etsy.com- Fine Art Photography

notyourmomsvinyl.etsy.com- tshirts and we are now starting to offer personalized items, such as, compact mirrors, and Christmas Ornaments

nouveaute.etsy.com- Vintage and New Supplies- buttons, findings, charms, etc!
NOVELtyNORTH.etsy.com - Vintage finds and beaded wonders, pagan and playful.

NovemberStudios.etsy.com- truly handmade collages, drawings and paintings.

novembrin.etsy.com- I make needle felted sculpture and jewelry. Most of my work is "made to order" but I offer not only ready items, anything that can be made of wool, just convo me and we discuss what i can do for you
NowInColor.etsy.com - right now I sell my prints of my original watercolors, and prints of my mandala series. I am working on more pieces to put in my shop. I do sew and there will be more to come in the future! 

NPartridgeDesign.etsy.com- My shop is primarily jewelry, mostly pearls and sterling silver, currently, I am trying to build up larger inventory of silk scarves.

Number2PenSo.etsy.com- I sell Vintage Items that I search high and low to bring out of the past in hopes to preserve their beauty. Some items I sell just as I find them. Others, I repurpose to give them a SECOND LIFE in a different world.

nurdanceyiz.etsy.com- Bedding set, Duvet, Cover, Sheet, Pillowcases

NUSADUA2003.etsy.com- handmade recycle and gift shop

NutshellFarms.etsy.com- crochet items, jams/jellies, baked goods, fabric items, destash supplies

NuTTie.etsy.com- handsewn dolls

NYAEmbroidery.etsy.com- Custom Machine Embroidery
nydiesita.etsy.com - TrinketsOnlines is about Whimsical handmade jewelry and accessories. I make handmade necklaces,bracelets,earrings, hair accessories and everything else we can think of.