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TabisCreations.etsy.com- I'm a fiber artist. I spin, dye, and crochet anything from stuffed animals to hats, to ponchos and scarves. Everything is made by me, pretty much direct from the animal it came from.
TacticalWares.etsy.com - I sell a variety of products made from 550 Paracord.
TagSaleDivas.etsy.com -  Unique one-of-a-kind vintage finds! And a few handmade items. =)
tailoredchaos.etsy.com - My shop is a variety of handmade goods, vintage finds and supplies for crafts both new and vintage.
taissalada.etsy.com - high end, one of a kind cocktail hats and garments. I also upcycle vintage slip dresses
TaitGallery.etsy.com - The Tait gallery is cunningly disguised as a rather draughty garage in the North West of England on the edge of the pennine Hills. I handmade ceramic goodies and handthrown pots. I particularly love to personalise for a gift the will last an eternity.
takenbyrobinlynne.etsy.com - photographic prints and photo jewelry
Takenoteofthis.etsy.com - journals, bookmarks, notebooks, envelopes and other paper goods
Takuniquedesigns.etsy.com - I sell handcrafted jewelry and some supplies.
TaleshaTouched.etsy.com - Talesha’s art comes in many flavors. There’s music, musings, poetry and paper spun into tapestries. But the main ingredients are always love, passion and faith
taliesindesigns.etsy.com - Fabrics, Webbing, notions, handmade crayons, and more!
Tallydiscoveries.etsy.com - notions, books, recyclable, hoarded supplies
tallyfiberworks.etsy.com - felting, needlework, plushies, recyclables
talysmana.etsy.com - Talysmana Jewelry - for author Holly Lisle's Story
TamaraSlack.etsy.com -  I sell mostly crocheted hats. Men's hats seem to be particularly desired, so I will be making more men's and sports team hats. I've just begun making some jewelry and added a few pieces to the shop too. I have sales often and customers take advantage of them and email for custom orders too.
TandJsoaps.etsy.com - I have a handcrafted cold process soap shop. I use only the finest vegetable based oils to create my cold process soaps.
TangledArts.etsy.com - playful and practical crochet accessores: hats, scarves, cowls, wraps and more
TangledWood.etsy.com - I am a photographer and ACEO artist living at the base of Pikes Peak.
taramcwilliams.etsy.com - Tara's Cozy Creations I make almost all of my items out of minky, from blankets, taggies, canopy blankets, changemat covers, minky crib sheets, burp cloths and so much more.
Tarryn01.etsy.com - Its a South African born shop with funky kids clothing, brooches and eventually all the other crazy items I have time to add.
tartanbean.etsy.com - jewelry designs
Tasha808.etsy.com - I sell jewelry, and hairsticks that I hand craft as well as vintage goods.
tasherajean.etsy.com - ta-sher-a (tuh-share-uh) noun. 1. The fusing of neo-victorian gothic design with the allure of mechanical instruments meshing with high-fashion. A truly unique, one of a kind, piece of wearable art. unique steampunk for unique people :)
Tatestastees.etsy.com - I love making "not so average" felt food sets!
TaterPuddin.etsy.com - Features a blend of old and new
tattingforspirit.etsy.com - Unique creations of tatted lace incorporating crystals and color into the designs. Many other fine things including jewelry, heirloom bonnets and embellishments.
TattooedCuties.etsy.com - My shop is handmade hair accessories and some jewelry for chickies that like bold, fun and most of all SPARKLY hair clips or bows.
tattooannie.etsy.com - features beaded jewelry, knits, pinback buttons, cell charms, and bobby pins. I make many items with vintage supplies so they have a retro feel. I also carry a lot of kawaii/cute, Japanese style, and geekery items.
tattooannievintage.etsy.com - features vintage clothing and accessories as well as new and vintage crafting supplies.
TattooLoverGirl.etsy.com - Wicked cool Duct Tape Wallets, Cute Vintage Items.
tawniwold.etsy.com - My Etsy shop consists of lots of one of a kind jewelry, vintage finds (ie: coats, purses, fondu sets :p), and revamped vintage. I also occasionally carry my paintings and other artwork. :)
taxi81887.etsy.com - I sell crocheted sushi and other random amigurumi. Almost everything will be worth under $20.
taylorreneecampbell.etsy.com - 
TCelestialStudio.etsy.com - My shop consists of quality Feather hair clips, silk flower clips as well as glass & Gemstone jewelry. I only sell items that I make after completing multiple trials of each to ensure it is the best it can be. I treat my store the same way I treat life, with honesty & integrity
TeacupPillows.etsy.com - My shop is offering teacup pillows.These are mostly about 6 x 8 inches or maybe 8 inches square. Each little pillow is appliqued with a Minton china design from an old catalog, printed on fabric. I never make two alike. It is fun, fun, fun to make these from my scraps, but it is time to send some of them out into the world. I offer them packed with a fragrant bag of Earl Gray tea (my favorite) and they are reasonably priced, from $7.50 to $12.50 each.
TeacupTeddies.etsy.com - Adorable Miniature Jointed Bears and Animals
teaguesbeads.etsy.com - has beads, glass goddesses, ornaments & various household items
TeaJennys.etsy.com- upcycle vintage china to create elegant and quirky cakestands, pretty teacup candles and unique jewelery pieces. Each piece is handmade by recycling old and forgotten tea sets and by giving broken pieces of china a second chance!
teaman.etsy.com- hand blended teas in both teabags and loose leaf
teapartypendants.etsy.com- Handmade glass tile pendants with colored chains and gift bags.
teeheeproductions.etsy.com- Custom Pet Portraits, Personalized Paper Goods, Greeting Cards, Invitations, art for home decorating and gifts
teenagesuperparty.etsy.com - my shop is just some cute interesting vintage items i find
teener1416.etsy.com - i make hand etched/scratched egg art on real egg shells. The eggs are customizable and can be made into ornaments as well.
TellurianLover.etsy.com- art
TemporaryInsanity.etsy.com- I make altered art/assemblage personalities known as "The Vintage People." Soon I will have jewelry and cigar box collage/mixedmedia purses.
TenThirtyNine.etsy.com- artbooks, journals, paper goods, prints, and zines
terrabellaaccents.etsy.com- jewelry, accessories, home decor
terrakengo.etsy.com- hand-made jewelry
terraspire.etsy.com- Nature-inspired handmade jewelry
terraterra.etsy.com- Scrabble tile pendants...getting ready to add more items soon!
tessacotton.etsy.com- Unique handknit scarves and cowls
tessylouco.etsy.com- sells handmade Quilts, quilting suppies , jewelry, vintage items.
TetonHoops.etsy.com- I create one of a kind fabric covered hula hoops. I also carry fun hooping accessories like stickers, t-shirts, and tote bags.
TexaKen.etsy.com- My shop is dedicated to custom frames. Recycled barnwood, pine, oak, etc. We do personalization that includes woodburning, inlaying tooled leather, inlaying embellishments - just about anything imaginable!
the3maries.etsy.com- vintage books, clothing, and collectibles
The7thCrow.etsy.com- I make wire wrapped jewelry that is at least 90% made by hand. I use all kinds of beads including gemstones and crystals.
theaircastle.etsy.com- Hand-sculpted polymer clay sculptures and custom wedding cake toppers!
theangrycupcake.etsy.com- angry cupcake keychains and magnets
TheApronThief.etsy.com- vintage-inspired accessories
TheArdenCandleCo.etsy.com- Hand Poured Frosted Tumbler Candles with Unique Gift Boxes
theartofsoaps.etsy.com- a shop of soaps filled with bold scents
theartofstacy.etsy.com -  fantasy and nature art prints and originals.
thebabykitties.etsy.com- vintage
TheBackyardBear.etsy.com- I paint wildlife art on driftwood and other recycled items. Some of my items are buttons, paintings, brooches. I make mittens as well with a wildlife theme and slippers and cushions out of recycled sweaters and fleece.
thebagglady76.etsy.com- My shoppe is full of my handmades, primitive, grubby and vintage items.
TheBananaSandwich.etsy.com -  I sell baby blankets and hot/cold rice packs in the shape of Owls and Feisty Fowls.
thebathhouseco.etsy.com- Delectable handmade bathing goods, lotions & perfumes
thebeadinggoddess.etsy.com- beaded flowers
TheBeadMuseTx.etsy.com - My husband and I are eclectic jewelry makers. We work in beads, feathers, chainmaille, leather, polymer clay, stone.. etc. We LOVE custom pieces and have some neat sold customs on Facebook.com/thebeadmuse !
TheBlushingDaisy.etsy.com- jewelry, some supplies, and will be selling art any day now
thebookhousegirrrl.etsy.com- looking to trade for kawaii items, japanese items or anything else that's cute.
thebqe.etsy.com- Fine Art Photography Prints & Unique Gift Ideas
TheBrassHussy.etsy.com- Vintage Style Costume Jewelry
thebusybeecook.etsy.com- a collection of my love for vintage items and fabric hoarding. Items include china, kitchen items, homegoods, books, and much more!
thecatseyesupplies.etsy.com- Handmade Jewelry Making Supplies & So Much More
theCharmingChains.etsy.com- Custom Count Down Chains
TheChristmasShoppe.etsy.com- everything for Christmas
TheCouturedDesigner.etsy.com- Boutique Web Design, Shop Design, Logo Design, Graphic Creation.
TheCraftingPlace.etsy.com- I make a little of everything. I make die cuts, hair bows, jewelry, tags, cards, hair bow holders, drawings, scrapbook pages, polymer clay figurines and necklaces, and lanyards. I also paint ceramics, make personalized picture frames, and make customized orders on anything in my shop. I have a section for destash, sale, and clearance items. Custom orders are always my favorite to make!
thecraftycloset.etsy.com- Paper Goodies and Greetings
TheCraftyGeek86.etsy.com- I specialize in personalized tiles, wine glasses, car decals, picture frames, and many other things
TheCraftyLady20.etsy.com - My shop consists of tutus, bows, graphic design and more!
TheCraftyTruckstop.etsy.com - Candles,Tarts,Wax Dipped Bears, Wedding Program Fans, Home Decor, A Little of This and That
thecrazyelephant.etsy.com - Our shop carries items for moms and kids that help the family to be more green.
TheCrystalCavern.etsy.com -  I sell gemstone jewelry handmade by myself
TheDancingBrush.etsy.com- contemporary abstract sculptured paintings.
TheDecalGal.etsy.com- Vinyl Decals & Custom Gifts
TheDishclothShoppe.etsy.com- The Dishcloth Shoppe offers luxurious, ecofriendly, cotton, handmade dishcloths to suit you and your kitchen decor. Who said dishcloths can't be beautiful?
TheDrifterLeather.etsy.com - earrings, tobacco pouches, leather cuffs
TheDuchessCollection.etsy.com - Quilting, basketweaving, painting and other sewables
theducktapediva.etsy.com - I make duct tape accessories. Mostly purses and carry-all bags/messenger bags. But I also make accessories/make-up pouches, wallets, journals, business card holders... you name it. All from duct tape. I have the biggest selection of designs and styles! I have been creating duct tape art since 2002 and I continue to improve it and evolve with it.
TheEclecticElement2.etsy.com - The Eclectic Element: Vintage is composed of 150+ listings of everything jewelry and vintage lovers might want: earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, charms, etc. Browse through and see what catches your eye :)
theEmersonian.etsy.com -  My shop is comprised of one-of-a-kind trays, key hooks, and house decor. They are all adorned with NYC collages, upcycled painting, and great vintage paper ephemera. Perfect for serving, or just as display! :)
TheEmpressTradingCo.etsy.com - Costuming and Jewelery making supplies.
TheEpochYeti.etsy.com - Handpicked vintage items for today's fashions!
theevasivetwat.etsy.com - bags, jewelry, accessories
TheFadedStitch.etsy.com - I sell vintage sewing patterns, some vintage sewing notions and occasional handmade items. Anything $100 and under is up for trade.
TheFaeryApothocary.etsy.com - My shop offers homemade, made to order bath and beauty supplies. All my items are safe just in case little ones get into them. I also use Vitamin E in all my products for a little extra healthy boost.
thefancylamb.etsy.com - Reinvented Vintage Goods
thefarmgal.etsy.com - I make handmade soap and household cleaners. I also do some graphic work and was on Etsy last year with just the graphics that is why this name is new for me
TheFeltBaby.etsy.com - The Felt Baby specializes in hand stitching baby booties with an eco friendly felt lining. The shop also includes matching burp cloths, appliqued onesies, tutus and eco friendly felt flower headbands.
thefinaltouchstore.etsy.com - custom die cutting, party decor, birthday banners, adhesive stickers, photo props, chalk and white boards, chalk markers and more.
TheGoddessWithinYou.etsy.com - Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry
thegraydeer.etsy.com - I find. I imagine. I create. I love finding random craft supplies anywhere I may happen to roam. It's like always being on a treasure hunt. I enjoy looking at something and wondering, how I can infuse my idea of beauty and happiness into it. Hoping my collections reflect that sentiment.
TheGreatOutdoors.etsy.com - All things nature inspired..vintage and handmade!
thegreenefairy.etsy.com - nature inspired art and handmade paper
thegreengroovy.etsy.com - An ecofriendly handpainted art and accessories collection by artist Sowmya V. One will find original and fabulous designs on a variety of handbags, clutches, portfolios, wine bags, table runners, etc made of Jute and cotton. Also I do handmade note cards.
TheGreenHaven.etsy.com - Your Place for Everything Eco Friendly. I sell reusable and recycled items. Including sandwich and snack buddies, coffee cozies, boo boo bags and more!
thegreenmum.etsy.com - I crochet and make jewelry, and refinish furniture
TheGypsyLeaf.etsy.com - unique hand crocheted goods,hand sewn goods,jewelry and art!
thehappysoul.etsy.com - Hemp Jewelry, Hemp "Soulful (Barefoot) Sandals, Crocheted Soap Savers, Double Tough Dish Clothes, Photography, Hemp Cell Phone/Camera Charms, Bath Salts
theheirloomboutique.etsy.com - I specialize in all things vintage.
TheHobbyRoom.etsy.com - all kinds of creations from a mom with crafter's ADD
thehoneycomb.etsy.com - I make floral hair accessories for brides and special events. Romantic with a vintage flair!
TheHouseofRandom.etsy.com - Our shop is random. We have skirts, headbands, buttons, vintage etc. etc. You never know what kind of random stuff we'll put up next! That is the beauty of it.
TheIDconnection.etsy.com - I have over 2000 items in my shop, antiques, art, jewelry, supplies, vintage clothes and more..... I find some many things in other shops and wish they had a trade option.
TheIglew.etsy.com -  I sell handmade novelty kids art supplies.
theindigoforest.etsy.com - we make and sell eco-friendly items for the whole family! We work primarily with wool, leather, & wood.
theintermission.etsy.com - Graphic design for print and web
TheIslandBunnysAttic.etsy.com - vintage and antique treasures just waiting for you to explore and discover.
TheItemShoppe.etsy.com - My shop specializes in all things geekery. I make hats, bags and plushes but my Hutton badges are my pride and joy. :) I would love to trade for my button badges. I can make any design you like! :D
thejewelstreet.etsy.com - I make one of a king handmade gemstone jewelry. Sometimes i do jewelry out of other beads which are very unique.
TheKnottyRatsNest.etsy.com - I make hemp jewelry for people and pets
Thelittlecute.etsy.com -  I made wool felt flowers hair accessories for girls
thelittleLOVEbug.etsy.com - has Felt Play Food and Felt Hair Clips
TheLookingGlassRoom.etsy.com - The Looking Glass Room is a place where you can find uniquely inspired jewelry and accessories. All of my pieces are a reflection of me and my personal tastes. Ranging from new beaded items to upcycled goods to buttons to vintage pieces. I am sure there is something here that will help you express your personal style in a way you may not have thought to before.
theknitbrit.etsy.com - I have jewelry and supplies and would like cards or bath or candles
theLOVEstitch.etsy.com - where the appreciation of contemporary design and traditional craft is combined to create clever knits made from hearts & hands.
theluckyowl.etsy.com - My shop mostly consists of leather wrap bracelets, but I also sometimes have necklaces or bracelet sets. I use only high quality stone or glass beads and always sterling silver or plated on my necklaces. I also love working with custom requests!
TheMadMonogram.etsy.com - My shop is a boutique that features upcycled clothing, bags and accessories, occasional jewelry, and much more!
themagnetconnection.etsy.com - Magnets
TheMaineCoonCat.etsy.com - My shop is eclectic meaning full of hand made, vintage, antiques and supplies.
TheMayFlower.etsy.com - I have very fine jewelry pieces as well as custom made clothes (dresses most of the time).
themerchantprincess.etsy.com - Custom Handmade Wrap Bracelets
themindfulmushroom.etsy.com - I sell perfume oils, clothing, jewelry, art and accessories.
themodernpet.etsy.com - Oh-so-stylish dog & cat collars
TheMomentsBoutique.etsy.com - cute, fun, sweet and elegant jewelry and accessories.
themomofmany.etsy.com - I hand knit. I haven't used any kind of pattern in more than 26 years. I can make anything from toys to adult sweaters and etc. My favorite is to make infant and toddler sweater sets.
themuddymoose.etsy.com - bath boutique
themunchkinandme.etsy.com - pendants, things for baby, clippes, hairbows, headbands
TheNovelSage.etsy.com - I make origami items out of pages from books that I saved from the landfill. Creative and eco-friendly! =D
TheoDapore.etsy.com - original acrylic paintings on stretch canvas
TheOldBagandMore.etsy.com - Sewing, hand embroidery all usually with a Cape Cod theme, but not limited just to that. Enjoy all types of crafts.
theoldhooker.etsy.com - I design and make crochet hats and leather accessories
theonutmegotree.etsy.com - Handmade baby outerwear, cheery gifts, and ornaments
thepaintinglibra.etsy.com - Hand painted one of a Kind Ceramics & Gifts
ThePamperedGoat.etsy.com - My shop is all about being as natural and chemical free as possible. I use fresh goat milk in my soaps from my beautiful herd of dairy goats. My love of nature plays an important role in my glass pieces as well.
ThePaperElement.etsy.com - Paper goods, origami, art collages, and other cute and unique items
thepapermamashop.etsy.com - photoshop
thepeachtree.etsy.com - Have: jewelry, beads, findings, wire. Would like: tags, mini cards, packing materials but up for anything!!
thependantbox.etsy.com - jewelry
thePETplace.etsy.com - I sell dog collars, custom pet artwork, and hope to soon add cat collars.
thephantomlimb.etsy.com - Phantom Limb has been producing colorful and one-of-a-kind paper goods since 2005. With the motto "The Stuff You're Missing," many of Phantom Limb's products are made from reclaimed paper culled from unusual sources.
ThePinkPeachBoutique.etsy.com- Sewn & Crocheted anything.
ThePoshEvent.etsy.com - Graphic design, printables, felt work, logo, banner and avatar design, custom packaing for sellers
ThePaigeSpot.etsy.com - My shop consists of paper goods. My focus is on party decorations, but I also create gift tags & embellishments.
ThePapayaTree.etsy.com - We restyle vintage furniture with a modern and eclectic take on our pieces. 
ThePrincessMaggie.etsy.com - I sell hair accessories
ThePurpleTangerine.etsy.com - Our shop sells hand dyed play silks and wooden toys for children!
TheRightJack.etsy.com - We basically make 2 types of items, handcrafted cribbage board coffee tables and fun signs. We also have some limited photography in our shop. 
TheRosyDestash.etsy.com - 
theroyalfamily.etsy.com - hair accessories and more!
TheRockinCupcake.etsy.com - Trendy-Hip-Edgy for baby
TheSandbar.etsy.com - My shop has many beach-themed items and jewelry. 
thesassybowtique.etsy.com - My shop contains personalized items (monogrammed & appliqued) as well as boutique hair accessories.
TheSCOOPatBOOPS.etsy.com - Handmade fine silver charms and pendants.
TheseNotions.etsy.com - a mix of my crafty items....crochet, beaded jewelry, stamped jewelry.
theprettypaperlady.etsy.com - 
theSheepandI.etsy.com - I have organic fiber, yarn, hand dyed fiber, yarn and silk scarves, handmade items and vintage items.
TheSkulleryUSA.etsy.com - I do feather jewelry, some clay goodies and so many other things :)
thesoapmom.etsy.com - I make handcrafted soaps, lotions, lip balms, bath fizzies, facial cleansers and masks, etc
TheSpeckledKat.etsy.com -  I am currently selling handsewn 100% wool felt flowers, but would someday love to expand to selling my paintings and mosaics.
TheStrumpetsTentacle.etsy.com - features unique patterns that combine crochet and fabric along with high quality, elegant crochet pieces.
TheSugaRush.etsy.com - Our shop is about dreams, we are a couple of sisters that love artsy stuff and we enjoy sharing with others our passion. As of now we are selling beautiful soaps and jewelry.
TheSunflowerGallery.etsy.com - Fine Art Photographic Prints, Cards, ACEOs & Magnets
TheSunshineStitch.etsy.com - My shop is full of stitched & crocheted beauties. Everything is simple. fun.unique. inspired. :)
thesupplyco.etsy.com - I sell supplies as well as finished products. Mostly little girl accessories.
thesweetestmemory.etsy.com- A shop specializing in children's decor, home decor and vintage. I specialize in paper goods.
TheTangledWeb.etsy.com - handspun and hand dyed wool (occasionally various knitted things)
TheTessyTree.etsy.com - I make handmade jewlery,and home decor. Lots of Tree of Life pieces, and personalized cuff bracelets. I have a variety in my shop, I feel there is something for everyone. I list new items daily so the amount of product I have is currently going up!
TheToastedCoconut.etsy.com - Vintage inspired accessories and more!
TheUntamedArtist.etsy.com - In my shop I primarily sell vintage items, but I also list my some of original paintings for sale.
TheUrbanDollhouse.etsy.com - Specializing in custom Urban apparel and accessories for Women, Infants, & Children since 2010. Whether you're a Pinup Doll, Punk Princess, Scene Queen, Gothic Lolita, Diva, or just a simple gal who loves fashion..We are your One Stop Shop for all your trend setting needs! So come in today, & "GET DOLLED UP!"
thevintageattic10.etsy.com - an eclectic collection of vintage clothing and accessories, and will be adding a new shop of new handmade jewelry and art.
Thevintagebaglady.etsy.com - vintage items
TheVintageHorde.etsy.com - vintage
TheWayILikeIt.etsy.com - sells cute wide fabric headbands for any ocassion and season.
TheWeeShelf.etsy.com - offers thrifty vintage treasures for your heart and your home
TheWildRoses.etsy.com - My goal in opening an Etsy shop was to have an outlet for all the things I like to do and make (sewn tote bags, aprons, kids' clothing, wallets; small woodworking projects with driftwood, jewelry) but then my husband said I should clean out my own stuff before generating MORE.
TheWinglessDesigns.etsy.com - beautiful, professional, high-quality graphic & web design.
TheWishingWardrobe.etsy.com - Casual & Dress Up Vintage Clothing + Vintage Home Decor
TheWispyWillow.etsy.com - Aprons & handbags, designed to have you feeling sassy and trendy!
TheWorldFamous.etsy.com - hats, jewelery, and more!
theworldoffairy.etsy.com - The World of Fae is owned by published fantasy artist Kerry Swinamer. I am a self taught artist with many years experience. Each of my pieces are original and done by hand. I create and paint all things fantasy; fairies, dragons, elves and more!
thingsthatbling.etsy.com - plushies, potholders, jewelry and more
thisandthatteam.etsy.com - We have anything from handmade cake toppers, tutu, hair accessories, bottle caps, decals, jewlery and so this is why we are This and That Team
thisisit.etsy.com - ecofriendly journals, jewelry, cards, notepads, & more!
ThisNThatBoutique19.etsy.com - This n that boutique is handmade baby items, bows, and bottlecap jewlery
thoughtfulexpression.etsy.com - has jewelry, cards, photos, post it note pad holders, beaded flip flops, hair clips and destash
thousandviews.etsy.com - i make watercolor and digital illustrations.
Threadbarestitcher.etsy.com - My shop is a collection of fun cozies, chalkboard bracelets and other ideas that pop into my head at the most random moments.
threadhead58.etsy.com - vintage goods, nostalgia and toys, gift items for all, fan pulls, upcycle and collage jewelry, and destash supplies threedeluxe - Urban Minimalist Geometric Jewelry
threeinatree.etsy.com - Vintage inspired art for the young at heart. I offer a diverse collection of mixed media art pieces I created by upcycling vintage items and using my childhood as inspiration. From decorative plates made from orphaned antique dishes and child-inspired images to photo holders made from vintage letter blocks to collages made using antique book pages.
ThreeMonkeysCakery.etsy.com - I work in fondant, making cake, cupcake & cookie toppers. Thanks to the power of Etsy, they are completely customizable! Custom colors, sizes or designs! Need something special? Just let me know! I can't wait to make something for you!!
ThriftStoreMafia.etsy.com - I carry all things vintage from clothing and shoes to home deco, bedding and books.
ThruALens.etsy.com - My shop is fine art photography, mainly of France (where I live) and vintage style still life.
tiarasintraining.etsy.com - My shop sells all things girly :-) "Because every little girl deserves to be a princess"... Diaper covers, hand painted onesies, car seat covers, pacifier clips, shoes, tutus, hair bows, hair clippies, etc...
tickledpinkhairbows.etsy.com - baby hairbows, onesies and hats
tiddlyinks.etsy.com - has custom children's art and whimsical original watercolors. I have a list in my profile of things that I will trade for.
tidymighty.etsy.com - I'm Jacque and I make organizational printables for life & business. I started making printables to help me organize my personal life and bath & body business. One day I realized I have so many printables that others would find them useful as well. I set up a second Etsy shop with my printables and haven't looked back!
tiedupmemories.etsy.com - has postcard plaques & jewlery
TierraBonitaAlpacas.etsy.com -  Our shop is focused on handmade items that we knit and crochet from our own alpaca yarn that is harvested from the alpacas we raise. We also sell handmade yarn, raw fleece, rovings and batts.
tiffanyteske.etsy.com - beautiful polaroid transfers
TigerLiliesCreations.etsy.com - I make crochet items for the whole family.
TiggztooPatterns.etsy.com - I have for sale both my original crochet patterns and completed items - I am always open to custom orders.
TimberWoodsWares.etsy.com -  have a shop that primarily has handcrafted and beautifuly finished tree branch buttons and push pins. I will be branching out with other items soon.
TimelessTableVintage.etsy.com - My store focuses solely on vintage tableware - dishes, glasses, serving pieces, decor, and anything else you'd use to make a meal more special.
TinkerGirls.etsy.com - I make beaded jewelry. I love to experiment with different techniques so my shop includes a variety of items :)
tinque.etsy.com - Unique earth-friendly creations of wool, sea glass, fibers, and more
tinybox.etsy.com - i'm open to trading anything in my shop. I also have a second shop, ilovethelakes.etsy.com, that I am in the process of consolidating with tinybox, so the items I have over there are up for grabs as well. I just need to clear up some space! I mostly sell photographs, but I also have jewelry and beads, a cross-stitched piece, a painting, original drawings and prints, and decoupaged boxes. I like to try lots of different things! would like to trade for: pottery, soap, clothing, beads and jewelry findings.
TinyLionBoutique.etsy.com - I would like to have the opportunity to trade my custom koozies that are listed in my shop.
tinylovetreasures.etsy.com - I make hand stamped sterling silver jewelry!
tinypeachbuttons.etsy.com - A shop offering custom buttons and magnets!
TipToeThirty.etsy.com - earthy, vintage inspired simple jewelry.
tjtoubeaux.etsy.com- fine art originals, prints and photographs.
TKICouture.etsy.com - Hair Bows & More
TKIDesigns.etsy.com - Hand Stamped personalized jewelry, hair flowers, soaps, wire wrapped earrings, scrabble tile pendants, soldered glass pendants & craft destash
tnoble8238.etsy.com - Original photo notecards and prints. Boxed sets or individually.
tobabywithlove - Wool hand knit diaper covers, clothing, children's items, can knit adult items as well, hand painted wool yarn
ToBeStitched.etsy.com - Personalized baby/toddler items.
TobyMaMa.etsy.com - i love handmade.......... enjoy!!!!!!!
Todaytomorrowalways.etsy.com - vintage
TodoPapel.etsy.com - At Todo Papel we aim to inspire the art of giving. We believe that giving is better than receiving and follow that concept in life; this is why, all our creations are destined to be passed on to someone else, and make you, and others smile!
tomacrafts.etsy.com - Natural deer and bull horn buttons
TommyGunsPhotography.etsy.com- photography
tonjastreasures.etsy.com - Wearable Art Jewelry Made of Polymer Clay
tonytheplane.etsy.com  - i am a self taught artist and deal in hand carved netsuke, hand created sculpture, collage, and some vintage pottery, and native american silver... 
TooCuteKawaii.etsy.com - Super Kawaii and Fun Accessories for the young at heart. Handmade POLYMER Clay supplies sold here!
toofashion2010.etsy.com - Provide handmade jewelry necklace pendant pin brooch
tooktothesky.etsy.com - has photography, greeting cards
TooKute.etsy.com - I handmake tons of different items, magnets, hair accessories, scrabble tile, bottlecap and domino necklaces and I also paint childrens room decor. :)
tootsweethandbags.etsy.com - Handbags, Cosmetic Pouches, Clutches, Accessories
Toozoo.etsy.com - My shop is recycled reconstructed clothing and jewerly :). I am also very familiar with trading :) on a site called Lista. I do love Etsy first and formost. I also have my own team called Happy Goths, Emos, Steampunk, Expressionist, Hippies,Nerds, Geeks, & Everyone Else.
ToraJewelry.etsy.com - colorful, fun chainmaille jewelry and accessories.
tonytiggert.etsy.com - My shop contains eclectic and one-of-a-kind jewelry, modern and vintage supplies and beads.
torchandhammer.etsy.com - Artisan metal jewelry
torynova.etsy.com - hand-painted miniatures that include pendants, bracelets, and brooches. It also offers custom life-like painted portraits of loved ones (a perfect gift for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion!)
TotallyToTheT.etsy.com - Handmade ceramic functional pottery as well as beads, buttons, pendants. I also occasionally make other things, such as polymer clay beads, handmade paper and upcycled and recycled home decor and accessories. I am also a knittier and a spinner. I love mastering new things and my Asheville, NC studio is often a reflection of that.
ToTheMoonVintage.etsy.com - Vintage clothes, collectibles, housewares and more.
totusmel.etsy.com - Tatted Jewelry and Accessories
toutdoucement.etsy.com - Geeky and fashionable jewerly
ToxicLove.etsy.com - Handmade clothing and accessories
toystorynutty.etsy.com - Polymer Clay Creations, Trinkets, & Treasures with a whimsical feel.
TraBan.etsy.com - woodwork to felting and books.
traceystreasures.etsy.com - has jewelry, photography and greeting cards
TracyDesigns.etsy.com - Wristlets, Key Fobs, Coasters, Purses, bags, totes and more
tranifer.etsy.com - Hand made, one of a kind, creepy and cute plush critters!
tranquilityy.etsy.com - I have handmade hair bows infinity scarf and jewelry.
TrashionFashion.etsy.com - TrashionFashion Changing The Look Of Trash One Can @ A Time. Hand crafted jewelry made from discarded soda cans. Reduce, Reuse, Retail.
Trash2Trish.etsy.com - Recycled, Re-purposed, and Upcycled Creations.
TravelersTreeJewelry.etsy.com -Handmade Canadian jewelry specializing in semiprecious stones, metalwork and all around fun pieces.
TreasuredLilyDesigns.etsy.com - Handcrafted Unique Earrings and More
TreasuredMinky.etsy.com - Personalized blankets in all sizes, pillows, baby bibs and burp clothes.
treebot.etsy.com - all the fun funky
plush friends and purses you could ever want. Trees, robots, and sandwiches etc... oh my
TresBelleKnits.etsy.com - Handknit and crochet items for the whole family
tresbellepoupee.etsy.com - has patterns for dressing antique dolls; small accessories for dolls. Looking for: food; spices; soaps; vintage kitchen items; things with Irish or Celtic theme; antique fabrics, laces trims, clothing; retro style jewelry... but over half of what I traded for, I didn't know I wanted! I respond to all convos!
triflewares.etsy.com - Mostly polymer clay, but I also have a lot of beadwork and wirework jewelry as well. I'm a big geek, and I do a lot of "geekery"-type pieces (a lot of which are duplicates of a set I own for myself! haha)
trinitysoap.etsy.com - I make handcrafted Soap, Balms,Butters and other natural bath and body products. I also make Palm Wax and Soy Wax Candles in standard containers and Upcycled containers.
trinlayk.etsy.com - what I have: doll stuff, plushies... what I want: doll stuff (I need some Yo BOYish shoes, and some SD13 man's business shoes that aren't boots) and I need Yo and Pukifee sized stuff. and yarn! and I like plushies sometimes too. (provided they're different than mine and suit my taste) and dolls stuff.
trixiefishstabber.etsy.com - original lowbrow and surreal art, some vintage items
true2u.etsy.com - I make artisan jewelry. I love being creative and crafty. You will find many different styles in my shop as i am inspired all the time, keeping my mind on one track has been impossible since I started selling on etsy. I eat, sleep and dream jewelry!
Truealice.etsy.com - unique handmade jewelry
truelovehomedecor - Texas Painted Antlers, Cork Board Frames, and Accessories
TrueRebelClothing.etsy.com - I sell parisian inspired jewelry and clothing. I love whimsy and girly things and this comes out in the designs I create.
TrueSelfStudio.etsy.com - I design and create handcrafted jewelry - mostly using wire, beads, semi-precious stones I also hand hammer and rivet - working in copper, gunmetal, silver plate, and brass.
TRUeth.etsy.com - My shop sell vintage clothing, jewelry and nicknacks
trulyenchanted.etsy.com - Bridal and everyday gemstone sterling silver and gold fill jewelry.
tsbeading.etsy.com - Authentic, hand-crafted Native American Beadwork and more
trulysarah.etsy.com -  I design and make jewelry out of gemstones.
TShreds.etsy.com - shredded tshirts, custom apparel, all things rock n roll
tstopher.etsy.com - Kitschy fun jewelry and accessories
TsTreasures.etsy.com - Jewelry - chainmaille, wire and beaded jewelry(jewellery)
TuChiHandbags.etsy.com - abstract floral handbags and accessories
tuesdaymarket.etsy.com - I sell craft supplies like Tim Holtz rubber stamps and ink pads, etc.
tukaltd.etsy.com - My shop has two sections: the first one called aromatic animals and the second cord accessories. The aromatic animals are for just about everyone. They could be toys for pets or children and home decoration items for the house. Every item have personalized sachet of aromatics seeds and some some “chill pill” essential oils.
The cord accesories are baskets and pouches/bags. Still working on these items.
TUKON.etsy.com - My shop sells art - small acrylic paintings and accessories - fabric crochet purses and jewelry
Tunisienne.etsy.com - Tunisienne is an IT geek that started making Jewelry in Oct of 2011. 
TurquoiseSeaHorse.etsy.com - Shawls and Capelets, totes, Dog and Cat Neckwarmers, fingerless gloves, and more!
turquoiseangels.etsy.com - Handmade Clothing and Accessories for Babies,Girls and Mommies
turtlefly.etsy.com - Whimisical handmade clothing and accessories 
TutuGirlz.etsy.com - I make tutus, and hair clips.
tweakjewels.etsy.com - vintage inspired bold accessories. I specialize in Authentic Italian Beach Pottery Shard Jewelry and Cabochon Accessories. I am interested in trading with anyone working with fabric, vintage items and jewelry supplies.
tweal.etsy.com - eco friendly clothing, lingerie, quilts and accessories using upcycled, recycled, repurposed and vintage materials.
twelvejewels.etsy.com - fine silver wax seal and monogram jewelry
TwigsAndLace.etsy.com - My shop is mostly original paintings, prints of paintings and illustrations I have drawn. I do have some handmade...hand embroidered hoop art and decorative flowers.
Twilightbella.etsy.com - I've got blocks, hair clips, yo yo clips, headbands, rosettes, flowers, scrapbooks, and more :)
TwilightNfairyGarden.etsy.com - I love painting and making jewelry. A lot of my items have an Irish Celtic and Fairy theme. I have recently been adding bread and will be adding cute soup mixes in glass jars. I also love to decoate anything! Especially boxes! You will find an assortment of items in my shop!
TwilightVisions.etsy.com - Handmade jewelry inspired by nature.
twinkletoes27.etsy.com - blinged out with glitter! I create glitter tattoo kits of all types. Glitter tattoos stay on for 3-7 days and are waterproof.
twinstargifts.etsy.com - Unique Jewelry, Embroidery, and Knits
twirlytoes.etsy.com - Tie Dye Apparel and Decor - Custom Orders Welcome!
TwistedAim.etsy.com - Photography
TwistedWillows.etsy.com - Wire Wrapped Tree and Nest Pendants.
twistoffaterewind.etsy.com - supplies beads sewing all kinds of things
twodesigns.etsy.com - I am a designer. I love to create. computer art and fine art.
twoeggplants.etsy.com - 
TwoFeathersNY.etsy.com - a collection of necklaces and bracelets with an organic, bohemian vibe. I try to keep my designs simple, allowing the unique beauty of the stones to remain the main focus of each piece.
txbutterfly74.etsy.com - I love to create all different kinds of things from mini note cards and tags to artist trading cards
tyjewelry.etsy.com - We sell some jewelries made by ourselves, I want to learn some selling methods from here, thanks.