Full List--O

OandW.etsy.com- It is a store with my personal vintage finds as well and my hand made items. I'd love to have a good trade with other stores/vendors,
OakWoodsLane.etsy.com -  I sell custom maps of college towns and popular neighborhoods...I would love to trade just my pre-designed ones, but I don't have a ton yet, so I can also trade simple custom orders. All of my maps can have a heart added to any spot.
objectswithpurpose.etsy.com- Objects With Purpose...organic, eco-friendly in all ways, made in the USA wearable coconut derived body butter candles and gifts! "A mom without pop business"
oblissjewellery.etsy.com - Handmade sterling silver jewelry. Modern and minimalist. Made in Australia
ObscureBeginnings.etsy.com- From jewelry to paintings to vintage items.
observingnature.etsy.com- I sell a lot of things from vintage items to creations of my own nature photography
ocasiocasa.etsy.com- Bottles-upcycled & hand altered, Bamboo walking staffs, Decoupage Containers
ocotillo.etsy.com- necklaces, jewelry, knit bags and material bags
OculumProArtis.etsy.com - my shop has a variety of different styles of paintings, mostly in a miniature size. I really like to paint animals or in a traditional tattoo style. I'll also have hand painted pendant necklaces available soon :)
OfTheFountain.etsy.com- I sell custom hand stamped leather luggage tags and jewelry.
OhHoneyBowtique.etsy.com- bows, hair clips, ribbon sculpture and tutus.
OhMee.etsy.com- a collection of my inspirations, I dabble in many projects! I love colors. I express my passions in my works of art, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. All photographs, paintings, die cuts, fabric flower bows, bows, tutu's, super thirsty coasters...everything in my store... are crafted by yours truly! I am in the process of creating a new line of maternity and baby items, releasing soon!
OhMeeToo.etsy.com - I love color, designer and soft cozy fabrics. I only create things I would use, that are durable, sensible and of high quality. Everything in my store is crafted by yours truly! You'll find all the essentials and accessories for Moms, Babies and Kids. I love trading. I support other etsy shops by buying over 75% of my supplies from etsy! 
OhMyLuckyStar.etsy.com- I make crayon jewelry. Yes, jewelry made entirely (or almost entirely) of crayons. Yes, you can color with them. I make different styles and sizes of crayon rings, something for everyone. I also make custom nursing necklaces, soap rings, and a few other things.
ohmystarsproductions.etsy.com- I hope that when people see my products, it makes them want to say "Oh my stars!!" I carry handmade greeting cards, pillowcases, pillowcases with hand crochet trim, scrapbook and cardmaking supplies.
OhPleaseDo.etsy.com- Good karma through positively made handknits.
OhSophiaBoutique.etsy.com- Elegant and Stylish Hair Accessories
OJoyOFudge.etsy.com - I make wind chimes and scrabble items.
OldNNew4U.etsy.com- Vintage Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry Altered, and New Custom Made Jewelry and Some Odd Vintage Items.
OldSkoolProductions.etsy.com- I sell a wide variety of vintage items from toys, decor, housewares and more.
olganna.etsy.com - handmade bags
oliebollenoliebollen.etsy.com- country boho chic for little girls and sometimes boys.
olivebelle.etsy.com- Jewelry and Accesories
OliviaGraceCouture.etsy.com - I make hair bows, embroidered children shirts, and custom tumblers. I make a lot more than I have listed on etsy so far :)
olivineeyes.etsy.com - My (small but still growing) shop has art prints, graphics, accessories and jewelry.
OllieandWillie.etsy.com- My shop is a manifestation of my collections, my creations and my embellishments to great pieces.
OmaLindasBoondoggleE.etsy.com - destash and vintage items.
omegadesigns1.etsy.com- I make beaded jewelry and other accessories. Everything varies from girls fun jewelry to glamorous and funky. I am trade friendly!
OnceUponAKind.etsy.com- Art Greeting Cards
onegiftoneworld.etsy.com- art
onelittleduck.etsy.com -  handmade home decor items.
oneofakindbbeth116.etsy.com- My shop has one-of-a-kind gifts for every time of the year. My shop offers: Jewelry, accessories, bath&body, stitch markers and any thing else I can make with my hands. :D
Oneofafindvintage.etsy.com - an array of vintage items.
OneStitch.etsy.com -kits, patterns, and supplies for knitters and crocheters. plus other random supplies
OneThousandEmotions.etsy.com- Most of my paintings are abstract, i usually use acrylic paint, oil paint and charcoal. I also have some original jewelry stands and i am lately working on a custom 2 direction wall picture.
onetrickpony.etsy.com- arm warmers, cuffs, original art
OneUrbanTribe.etsy.com - handmade beads and jewelry, mostly on an ethnic, earthy theme.
onewish.etsy.com- have jewelry and looking 4 purses, larger bags, candles, and x-mas cards
onthegodesigns.etsy.com- handmade baby products
ontherocksgems.etsy.com- Great jewelry for yourself or gifts. Using gemstones, swarovski crystal, lampwork, hand blown glass and a variety of components to create a wide range of eclectic pieces for work and play.
OodlesDecals.etsy.com- I design and make custom shirts. Many themes available but my heart stays closest to the cancer awareness tees.
oo0JJOriginals0oo.etsy.com - At J.J.Originals you will find beautiful, unique, Handmade Jewellery. They are only one of kind.
OooohShiny.etsy.com- Handmade bracelets, earrings, & necklaces - beaded, wired, and otherwise carefully crafted for your wearing pleasure
oopsiknititagain.etsy.com- Snugglie Cocoons and Boutique Hats - Newborn thru Adult
OpenFields.etsy.com - I sell vintage and antique items along with handmade pillows.
opulentoddities.etsy.com- fabulous stuff made from found items
OrangeMonkeyShop.etsy.com - I sell Children's wall art, prints and some hand-made items.
originalfrosties.etsy.com- Personalized jewelry with an original "vintage" twist...
originalyouth.etsy.com- carry original art and art dolls.
OrionBotanicals.etsy.com- Artisian Apothecary Designs for Women & Men
orojewelrydesigns.etsy.com- I sell unique, handcrafted jewelry for all ages.
orphanoutfitter.etsy.com- Rescued ~ Oddments ~ Vintage ~ Supplies
Orrni.etsy.com- We are a mother and daughter team with an appreciation for exotic and beautiful fabrics [handmade scarves & stoles] and accessories. If you're looking for a Christmas gift for your best friend, something pretty to cheer yourself up after a hard work week, or a Mother's Day present for your hard-to-please mother-in-law, or a valentines gift chances are you'll find it here.
oursj.etsy.com - I create hair accessories, aprons, capes, wash cloths/baby wipes, pillow case dresses & more :D
outofthepinksky.etsy.com - I create a variety of unique jewelry from sophisticated sterling silver and gemstone pieces to fun, festive, and unusual pieces.
overloadednoggin.etsy.com - everything from buttons and magnets to personalized bags and shirts to jewelry and accessories to wall decals and car decals.
owlbot.etsy.com - fun and fanciful gocco creations and paper supplies!
OzarkOriginals.etsy.com - handmade wearable art, jewelry and sewing supplies